2016 Audi Q3 Brake Pads Replacement — Brembo Brakes | K&N Air Filter

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a Premium Car Repair Service: Audi Q3 Brake Pad Replacement. Additionally, the car owner requested to upgrade his stock air filter to a K&N.

How to book an Audi Brake Pad Replacement Service?

The owner of the Q3 requested for an estimate using the Cartisan app. The Cartisan app, which is free, is easy to use and allows the user to request for free estimations for any type of service and to book appointments, assuming the owner knows exactly what he wants. Cartisan received the request and responded with a detailed estimation according to the requirement.

Thereafter, the Q3 owner accepted the quote and, using the app, scheduled an appointment for the brake pad replacement.

Audi Q3 Brake Pad Replacement Service

Time to get the service underway. The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the Q3 owners location with all the necessary tools to carry out the brake overhaul. Once there, the technician took out the hydraulic jack and placed it underneath the Q3. He used this jack to lift the Q3 on its side and propped a stand underneath its chassis for support.

Team arrives at the customer’s address.

Next, the technician removed the front wheels to reveal the wheel hub along with the brake caliper. He opened this brake caliper, removed the front brake pads and replaced it with a brand new set of Brembo brake pads. The technician also replaces the brake wear sensor, which warns the driver of brake wear.

To know more about Brembo brake components, click here.

Similarly, the technician replaced the brake pads on the other front wheel, mounted the wheels back to the Q3 and lowered it to the ground.

While the technician was inspecting the car, the Cartisan Adviser opened the bonnet and removed the air filter from the air intake. He replaced it with a brand new K&N Free Flow Air Filter.

Finally, the adviser took the Audi Q3 out for a test drive and confirmed that the work was done successfully.

Audi Services & Repairs — Simplified

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