2016 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Service

Cartisan recently carried out a 2016 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Service. The car had clocked around 16,100km on the odometer and was due for a periodic service which included the following items -

  • Engine Oil Replacement with 5W-40 fully synthetic oil
  • Engine Oil Filter Replacement
  • Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Complete Vehicle Checkup
  • Brake Cleaning

The customer booked an appointment on the Cartisan app and the Cartisan service team arrived at the customer’s location to carry out the service.

2016 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Service

The Cartisan technician popped open the bonnet and then placed a hydraulic jack underneath the Polo and raised it up.

Filter Replacements

The technician then removed the air filter from the air filter housing. He replaced this air filter with a brand new genuine air filter.

Next, the technician unscrewed the engine oil drain nut from underneath the car and drained out the engine oil completely. He then removed the engine oil filter and replaced it with a brand new oil filter.

The technician then removed the cabin AC filter which is located behind the dashboard. He replaced it with a brand new cabin ac filter from Mann filter.

Brake Cleaning

The technician removed the front wheels. He unscrewed the caliper pin and removed it from the brake caliper. He opened the caliper cover and removed the brake pads from the caliper. This particular Polo GT is equipped with Brembo brakes which Cartisan had fitted earlier. You can read about it here. The brake pads were in good condition so the Cartisan technician cleaned them and placed them back inside the brake caliper and closed the caliper cover.

The technician removed the rear wheels and removed the brake drum from the wheel hub. The brake liners were in good condition so the Cartisan technician cleaned them with sandpaper and mounted the drum back onto the car.

After all the wheels were mounted back onto the Polo GT, it was lowered down to the ground. The Cartisan Adviser took the car for a test drive to confirm that the service was carried out successfully.

Servicing your Volkswagen Polo GT — simplified

Originally published at Cartisan.

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