Audi A4 Brake Pads Replacement & General Service | 2015 2.0TDI

Cartisan carries out yet another Audi A4 Brake Pads Replacement service. Here’s a low-down of the service.

Audi A4 Preliminary Inspection

Our customer complained of a squeaking sound coming from the rear of the car under braking. We dispatched a service team to the customer’s location to inspect his A4. Once there, the technician removed the rear wheels to get a closer look and found that the brake pads and rotors had worn out.

In addition to the brake pad and disc replacement, the A4 needed a periodic maintenance service.

The Cartisan sales team immediately shared a quote with the customer via the Cartisan app. The customer accepted and we scheduled an appointment for him.

On the appointment date and time, the Cartisan Service team arrived at the customer’s doorstep to pick up the Audi A4.

Audi A4 General Service

The Cartisan Adviser drove the A4 to the workshop where the service was to be carried out. He parked the car in the service bay and the technician set about placing the arms of the lift under the car. He then raised the car up.

Afterwards, the technican removed the wheels from the A4. He then proceeded to remove the engine underchassis shield and drained the engine oil completely. Next, the technician removed the oil filter and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.

In the meantime, a second technician removed the engine air filter and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.

The fuel filter is located underneath the A4. A technician located this filter and removed it from the A4’s fuel system. He replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.

Finally, the last of the four filters to be replaced, the cabin air filter, was removed. The technician installed a new one from Hengst in its place.

Audi A4 Brake Pads Replacement

Afterward, the technician removed the brake pads from all the four brake calipers. For the rear wheels, he removed the caliper brackets from the wheel hub so that he could remove the brake rotors. Having removed all the brake components, the technician unboxed the brand new Brembo rear brake components.

Audi A4 Brembo Rear Brake Pad Part No : P85113

Audi A4 Brembo Rear Brake Disc/Rotor Part No : 09.A82011

The technician installed the new components and secured them by tightening all necessary bolts. For the front wheels, the technician cleaned the brake pads and placed them back into the brackets.

Finally, he mounted the tyres back onto the wheel hubs and lowered the A4 to the ground. After pouring coolant and 5.5L of synthetic engine oil into the car’s engine, he signalled that the work was completed to the Cartisan Adviser, who got in the car and took the A4 for a test drive.

After a thorough wash, the Cartisan Service team dropped the A4 back to the customer.

Audi Service & Repairs — Simplified

In addition to Brake Pad Replacements, Cartisan provides all kinds of services related to your Luxury Car. Namely Suspension Overhaul, Regular Services, Body Work & Painting, Electrical Repairs & Part replacements.

You can request for a free estimate or book a service using the Cartisan app or the Cartisan Website.

Originally published at Cartisan.