BMW Brake Pad Replacement in Bangalore — 2017 F30 320d with Brembo

Jan 8 · 3 min read

This article briefly describes the BMW Brake Pad Replacement service carried out by Cartisan. The model was a 2017 320d and the Cartisan Service Team installed Brembo brake pads.

How to Book a Brake Pad Replacement — Hassle-free & Simplified

Here’s a quick guide on how to book your service with Cartisan -

  1. Keep your car’s VIN number handy — the VIN number is important to match the correct spare part to your specific model of car. You will find this VIN/Chassis number on your car’s RC Card.
  2. Download and log in to the Cartisan appits available for FREE on the Playstore or Appstore.
  3. Create a Service Request and mention in detail what your requirements are. Make sure to enter all details accurately as this helps Cartisan to respond with the best possible estimates. Be sure to enter the VIN Number too!
  4. Sit back and we’ll take care of the rest! — Payments are easy and cashless. Cartisan offers pick up and drop services and sometimes, as in the case of this article, doorstep services.

BMW Brake Pad Replacement — 2017 F30 320d

After following the above prescribed steps, Vijay (name changed), the owner of the 320d, finalized his appointment with Cartisan for a Brembo brake pad replacement. On the appointed date and time, the Cartisan Service Team arrived at Vijay’s home address. The team, comprised of a mechanic and Service Adviser, were equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out the service.

Once at the location, the Cartisan Service Team set to work prepping the 320d for the brake pad replacement. First, the mechanic popped open the bonnet and opened the brake fluid reservoir cap. Thereafter, he placed the hydraulic jack underneath the BMW and used it to raise the car up. The Mechanic then proceeded to remove the left front wheel to reveal the brake components.

Meanwhile, the Service Adviser inspected the car using a comprehensive checklist, designed by Cartisan. This checklist was later mailed to Mr Vijay, who could refer it to know the exact condition of the car.

Using a wrench the Mechanic unscrewed the caliper pins and removed the caliper cover from the brake rotor. Thereafter, he removed the worn brake pads and replaced them with brand new Brembo Brake Pads. The set of left front brake pads are connected to a brake wear sensor. This sensor is responsible for warning the driver when the brakes are worn to a certain limit. The Mechanic replaced this sensor too. He repeated the same process for the other front wheel as well.

Finally, after replacing the brake pads on both sides of the front axle and securing the wheels, the Mechanic lowered the F30 down to the ground. He secured the wheel lug nuts. The Cartisan Service Adviser then got behind the wheel and took the 320d for a test drive. He confirmed that the work was completed successfully.

BMW Service, Brake Pad Replacements, Suspension Overhaul — Simplified

Cartisan provides a variety of mechanical and body repair related services for BMWs. To get in touch with us, visit our website or download the Cartisan app.

Originally published at Cartisan.


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