BMW X3 Full Service by Cartisan


I’ve written this article to briefly describe how Cartisan carried out a BMW X3 Full Service. The model in question was a white, four-wheel-drive 2014 XDrive20d. Here’s the low down.

Request for an estimate & Service booking!

The first step is to request for a service estimate. The owner of the BMW X3 downloaded the Cartisan app from the Playstore (also available on the appstore), logged in and created a service request. When requesting for an estimate, the car owner entered relevant data pertaining to his BMW X3. This allowed the Cartisan team to respond to the car owner with accurate quotes, specifying part numbers, quantity etc.

The customer accepted the quotation and scheduled a date to get the BMW X3 serviced. All of this is possible on the Cartisan app which means no back & forth phone calls and excessive wait times.

Remember, if you need to request for an estimate, keep the VIN number of your BMW handy so that Cartisan can respond with accurate quotes.

The BMW X3 Full Service

On the scheduled date and time, the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customers location, picked up his car and took it to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop. The Cartisan Service Team comprises of a Cartisan Service Adviser and a Cartisan Technician. This team always have their equipment handy which is transported around in a Cartisan Service Vehicle. Therefore, Cartisan teams are capable of carrying out emergency repairs at doorstep if necessary.

The Cartisan Service Adviser parked the X3 in the service bay and popped open the bonnet. The Cartisan Mechanic opened the bonnet and removed the engine cover. Thereafter, once he had completed a preliminary inspection, the mechanic placed the arms of the lift underneath the X3. He used the lift to raise the car above the ground.

Brake Overhaul

First, the mechanic removed the wheels in order to clean the brake pads. This process is called the Brake Overhaul. The Mechanic cleaned the brake pads in order to improve the BMW’s braking performance. The dust, created as a result of brake pad & disc wear, can inhibit braking performance. Cleaning of brake pads leads to sharper brake bite.

Filter Replacements

Afterwards, the Mechanic first attended to the fuel filter located underneath the chassis on the left side of the vehicle. This filter filters the fuel that flows through the fuel lines from the fuel tank to the engine compartment. The Mechanic replaced the old fuel filter with a new one from Hengst.

Next, the Mechanic drained the engine oil by unscrewing the engine oil drain nut located underneath the engine compartment. Once the oil was drained completely, the mechanic removed the engine oil filter which is accessible through the engine bay. He installed a new filter from Hengst in place of the old. The oil filter filters the oil, which keeps the engine lubricated and cooled, that is circulated inside the engine block.

The air filter is located right on top of the engine block. It filters the air that is sucked into the engine. A clogged air filter is detrimental to the performance of the BMW’s engine. A noteable symptom of a clogged air filter is a lack of pick-up while driving. The mechanic replaced the old air filter with a brand new one from Hengst.

The Mechanic replaced the cabin air filter too. This filter cleans the air that travels into the cabin from the external environment. It’s paramount that this filter is replaced regularly as it ensures clean air for the passengers traveling inside the vehicle. For the X3, this filter is located inside the engine compartment.

Finally, the Mechanic pours 5.5 liters of engine oil into the 2.0 liter engine. He used 5W-40 engine oil from Mitasu.

BMW Services — Simplified

Cartisan offers premium car services at affordable prices. You can get in touch using the Cartisan app or via the Cartisan Website. As mentioned above, Cartisan deploys trained technicians using genuine spares to carry out Premium Car Services.

Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of the service team at work. Do like and share.

Originally published at Cartisan.


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    Car care simplified

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