Is median income going down in your city?

We analyzed five cities in North Carolina to try and see if median incomes have been going up or down in the past two decades. Our findings were surprising.

Raleigh, NC

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On a two mile radius around Raleigh, median income in 2015 was $38,250, which is higher than the median income in 2010, $36,075. However, this number is still lower from the 2000 median income which was $38,775.

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On a two mile radius around Charlotte, things are looking really good. Median income has gone up from $52,725 in 2010 to $68,850 in 2015.

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Winston-Salem has had a hit on its median income, with the number going to a historic low at $22,950 in 2015. It had reached $31,725 in 2000 and it’s been going down ever since.

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Greensboro is also at an all-time low with median income at $28,050 in 2015. In 2000 it had peaked at $38,775.

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On a two mile radius around Asheville, the numbers peaked in 2010 with a median income of $36,075 but it went down to $33,150 in 2015.

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