API-verified Quests Available Now: Collaborate with CARV and Over Half a Million Gamers to Launch Your In-Game Events

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Gamers’ identities and data often face limitations imposed by technology and business models, hindering the free flow of value. CARV aims to empower players by helping them shape and own their identities, leveraging immutable credentials to navigate different game worlds. This allows them to enjoy the recognition they deserve and immerse themselves in comfortable, long-term social relationships built on their accumulated achievements.

But we’re not just here for players; we’re also the game’s best partner. We provide an unparalleled opportunity for games to precisely or broadly engage with players. We enable possibilities ranging from zero to one and from one to infinite. We have created a brand-new engagement landscape for games and players alike.

CARV Event Launcher has already enabled the customization of events for almost 200 games, spanning community growth, player activation, exclusive closed and open betas, and more. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce new features to this essential platform segment once again!

API-verified Quests

CARV Event Launcher has been a powerful tool that allows games to easily configure event requirements.

It has a versatile feature set, which includes support for various types of quests. It supports the verification of Twitter, Discord, email, and Steam bindings. It supports the validation of in-game metrics and leaderboards, verifies CARV soulbound badge holders, authenticates on-chain data such as transaction count and token/NFT balance, and delves into player metrics like Steam hours played, games completed, achievements unlocked, and more.

Now, with API-verified quests, we bring even more flexibility to the table. With this new feature, game developers can customize in-game tasks and achieve instant verification. Users experience minimal delay, from completing specific in-game actions to being whitelisted for badges. This optimization enhances the user experience while reducing manual labor costs.

Already, two games have embraced this functionality on different levels.

Event Quest: In Gran Saga: Unlimited, a quest that requires players to register and apply for the closed beta on the official website. Once completed, users can immediately validate their achievement on CARV.

Missions: CARV Beta introduces the Missions interface, a dedicated tab for each game. This empowers games listed on the CARV Portal with a strong traffic entry point, creating a new and empowering scene for activities under each game’s name. Apeiron, the second game partnered with CARV on their Missions System, has launched its first batch of quests.

How do I make it happen?

We aim to provide game developers with the ability to configure their desired in-game activities with minimal development effort, typically taking just a few hours. All games need to do is provide us with an API interface.

  • Apply for CARV Portal to feature your game

We respond to all applications within hours. [Link]

  • Set up an event and fill in basic info like event name, description, period, etc.
  • Choose API-Verified Quest for Who Are Eligible.
  • Enter your custom quest link and description.
  • Provide an API that verifies if a user has completed the quest and meets the API specifications.

Currently, CARV not only supports the REST API but also offers the GraphQL API, greatly enhancing flexibility and scalability in configuration.

For GraphQL API specifications, please refer to: Link to REST API specifications

About CARV

CARV is building a credential infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with enhanced social and seamless credential-based experiences across games while empowering games with privacy-preserving, AI-driven intelligence for growth and operations.

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For ecosystem builders interested in working with CARV, learn more about our Guardian Program!



CARV Official

Building a credential infra focused on gaming, enabling players with achievement display, semantic social, and access to gaming premiums.