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Many game stories are told through quests. Many gamers explore venture products by finishing quests. That is not an old story that no one bothers to tell again, but a very compelling consensus between developers and gamers that perpetuates until now.

We are seeing similar chemistry in the web3 world. There is a tumultuous wave of action-to-earn, possibly due to web3’s user-driven nature, which is as strong as the game-gamer relationship. And we are seeing how its innovative fundamentals can potentially evolve the way projects, games and communities engage with end users.

In CARV, we are already a team of players who are deeply fascinated by crafting rations, finishing quests and triggering another event, until everything intuitively falls into its place and a good result will be served on the plate. We want something similarly exciting about our product as well. So here comes the new idea of the CARV Event Launcher.

In line with our efforts in furthering games’ user understanding, we will not only be mastering this widely cited mechanism that is considered helpful in user acquisition and activation but also exploring more possibilities with context at large.

Fundamentals about CARV Event Launcher

  • It is now available for self-listed campaigns.
  • It is the trial land for us and our partners and potential partners to test out more well-designed UX and UA.
  • Built on the CARV portal, the Event Launcher implements assignment, tracking, and user completion in a linear process and will be feeding the underlying protocol with meaningful data.
  • Ultimately, CARV suites that include the Event Launcher will be a value add-on that automated itself to power game titles to reach their objective tactics with data insights and many proven cases.


What does CARV Event Launcher Look Like

We want a place for game and community owners to engage and activate their users that is efficient, easy to understand, and covers more niche needs in the gaming vertical. But we also want it to be comfortable, not a bad crypto version of similar things.

In the first stage, it is piloting with key quest features that are much desired. It aims to address craving needs in both web2 and web3 worlds, with few glitches, as you can see in the backend interface below.

This quest-driven approach offers an opportunity for game developers and communities to unlock the potential of their respective audiences among CARV ID owners, which totals over 550k. As more games adopt this system, it will be adding more gaming-focused features, with Twitch engagements underway.

There has been a series of self-launched campaigns that tested the system has ended with success, engaging thousands of gamers in a limited time period, such as Puffverse. We are confident to say this new launcher enables games to gain considerable traction and enables users to participate in quests which offer rewards for completing certain tasks. With its easy-to-use interface, both games and users are able to easily track their progress, ensuring a greater sense of satisfaction when they achieve their goals.

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Where CARV Event Launcher is Heading

CARV has been a long player in the credential-gated user acquisition niche. We are building an infrastructure for games and virtual worlds that enables them to scale their user bases with confidence. It not only includes mass campaigns that aim for traction but also a longer vision of achieving specific goals in an intelligent manner.

We have poured resources into exploring new features that unload game developers with the burden of user acquisition or re-activation. To date, has been the playground for top-notch names in the industry, Illuvium, Big Time and Ultiverse, to name a few, to launch quest-involved and credential-gated campaigns.

On top of that, CARV Event Launcher does not end at the point of quest completion, for when the quest is fulfilled and rewards are handed out. It aims to provide a new approach for us to discover more possibilities, from quest-driven growth to a more generic manner backed by credentials and criteria selection.

Built on CARV Portal, the Event Launcher generates mass user action and related data, which is batched or streamed to the portal. The portal then commits the data to ingest into the engine, where it can be available for query later. CARV aims to cover an automated data circle with a high throughput, which can optimize insights curation for both game developers and gamers to leverage in the long run. The entire CARV suite will hopefully allow developers to create unique experiences tailored to their user bases and gain better user understanding based on that. We are holding our expectations.

To wrap up, at the current stage, the EventLauncher is free for everyone to use, and we aim to help each other with the project to improve the features and grow together.

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Building a credential infra focused on gaming, enabling players with achievement display, semantic social, and access to gaming premiums.