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We are constructing the gaming world’s most extensive credential infrastructure. The Generative Archive Token (GAT) serves as a pivotal element in our journey toward a broader gaming universe.

TL; DR Version

  • What is GAT (Generative Archive Token)? GAT is a unique gaming credential that preserves all of your gaming achievements and cherished memories. It serves as a depot for your hard-earned accolades, creating an immutable record.
  • How to obtain GAT? Visit your profile page and connect your Steam account to There, you’ll instantly spot the GAT module, where you can CARV your unique GAT easily.
  • GAT Live Celebration Campaign: We’ve organized a series of exciting celebration events. Simply try the GAT feature, showcase your GAT, and share a prize pool of 260,000 GEMs and $75 Steam gift cards! [Join Now!]

What is GAT?

GAT (Generative Archive Token) is a unique gaming credential that continually captures and preserves your gaming achievements and cherished memories. It serves as a depot for your hard-earned accolades, creating an immutable record. Here:

“Generative” means that GAT is dynamically generated based on your individual in-game data and game accomplishments, adapting and evolving alongside your gaming journey.

“Archive” represents that it is a permanent record where your gaming achievements and memories are preserved and you retain full ownership.

“Token” indicates GAT’s existence and storage on the blockchain, ensuring its authoritative verification, enduring preservation, and immutability.

In the current soft launch phase, GAT will undergo testing on the testnet, offering an initial experience to our core community of players. All minted GATs will subsequently migrate to the mainnet upon its launch. Our initial open games selection encompasses hundreds of the most popular titles on the Steam platform, unveiling the first corner of the GAT universe to players.

Starting from Steam, GAT will soon cover additional gaming platforms like Epic, Playstation, and other top web2 and web3 games. GAT is also another step in implementing Identity Aggregation NFTs (ERC7231), moving towards privacy-preserving data self-sovereignty, in the context of gaming.

Why GAT?

Compared to other gaming memory preservation methods, GAT has unique advantages:

  • Dynamic in-game Memory Capture: GAT captures in-game memories like screenshots but in a more dynamic and engaging way.
  • Enhanced Achievement Showcase: GAT displays your achievements and skills like a trophy leaderboard but more detailedly and vividly.
  • Gaming Journey Tracking: GAT tracks your gaming journey and skill development in more depth than a standard data dashboard.
  • Moreover, GAT is verifiable and soulbound to you, ensuring that your gaming memories are yours forever, never changing.

How to Obtain Your GAT?

Step 1: During GAT’s soft launch phase, we offer a wide range of the most popular games from Steam. To start your GAT experience, simply visit your profile on and connect your Steam account.

Step 2: Scroll and locate the GAT module to view your game achievements.

Step 3: Select a game you’ve played, click “CARV”, and witness the enchanting process that kindles your gaming journey.

Please Note:

If you can’t see your Steam games on CARV or if CARV can’t recognize your game achievements, check your Steam Game Profile privacy settings. Go to your Steam profile, click ‘Edit Profile,’ navigate to ‘Privacy Settings,’ and set ‘Profile Status,’ ‘Game Details,’ and ‘Inventory’ to ‘Public.’

Step 4: Whenever you make progress in a game, simply visit the CARV Games page to check and CARV your latest GAT.

CARV GAT Live Celebration Campaign

Event 1: CARV GAT Celebration

Join the celebration by creating your GAT and sharing a pic for proof. Whether it’s your GAT or the carving process, you could share a whopping 150,000 GEMs!

Event 2: I GAT IT — Show off Your GAT to the World!

Flash Your GAT and win 50,000 GEMs & $50 Steam gift cards!

What to Share:

Simply spread the word below together with a picture of GAT and let the world witness your gaming legacy! 👇

Preserve Your Gaming Achievements and Win BIG Rewards!

CARV your sick GAT (Generative Archive Token) to preserve and show off ALL your gaming achievements and cherished memories!

Link your Steam accounts to, and watch your entire gaming journey on Steam come to life!

Join the celebration event to win GEMs on CARV and FREE STEAM Cards👉

Where to Share:

If you have 500+ followers on social platforms, post the content above on your personal social accounts.

If you’ve joined the following game communities, post the content in the game community with any of your GAT:

  • [Game Community on Reddit with at least 1000 followers] eg. r/BaldursGate3 Reddit Channel
  • [Game Community on Discord with at least 1000 followers] eg. BaldursGate3 Discord Server
  • [Game Community on Facebook Page/Group with at least 1000 followers] eg. BaldursGate3 Discord Server
  • [Game Community on Telegram Page/Group with at least 500 followers] eg. BaldursGate3 Telegram Group
  • [Game Community on Steam Community] eg. BaldursGate3 SteamM Community

Here’s an example:

Event 3: GAT It in CARV Community!

Share Your GAT!

Calling all passionate gamers! Dive into your gaming achievements with our community. Share your behind stories about GAT on the #my-gat-story channel on CARV Discord and you can share 50,000 GEMs.

It’s not just about sharing your own achievements; we’re all about celebrating each other’s successes! So you can also vote for your favorite GAT by reacting with emojis.

The most popular ten GAT will be displayed on the CARV Official X account.

Event 4: Become a Game Guru

Let’s talk about the web2 game universe together!

From September 20th, we will share the most popular games on Steam on CARV’s official X account every day at 12 PM UTC and if you have played any of them, don’t miss out — share your GAT and drop your comments! The participant who receives the most likes in 24 hours will get the badge to win 1000 GEMs and participate in raffles for a $25 Steam gift card.

Prepare for More Surprises — Let’s GAT IT!



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