CARV Mission Board Spotlight: Activating Communities through Customizable Events

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The booming web3 gaming community presents developers with numerous challenges, from attracting new players and deciphering player preferences to maintaining user growth.

CARV, a versatile hub for gamers of all kinds, offers the expertise and resources to help game projects reach and retain their target audience. The recently unveiled CARV Mission Board empowers games with in-game data integration, refined strategies, and the means to acquire gamers, fostering substantial growth.

Building upon the foundation established by the CARV Event, we recently announced the launch of an exciting addition: the CARV Mission Board!

Discovering CARV Mission Board: Empowering Community Engagement

  • Intuitive Interface & Progressive Tasks: The Mission Board boasts a clear and user-friendly interface, providing an immersive environment tailored to specific games. Designed and maintained tasks to assist in onboarding new gamers, enhancing user engagement and retention in exciting ways.
  • Community Building & Incentives: Foster long-term user habits and cultivate an active gaming community through both recurring and time-limited missions. Gamers can accumulate game-specific points on the CARV platform, adding an extra layer of motivation and reward within the ecosystem.
  • Seamless Operability: Our technical documentation ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for developers and players alike. List your game on CARV.IO now and we’ll help you out!

Unlocking Potential: A Look at the Data

Our Mission Board has already made a significant impact on several top-tier web3 games, including Apeiron, Genopets, and Tearing Spaces. Let’s delve into the impressive data and outcomes:

Use Case 1: Apeiron Game Missions — A Strong Start

Apeiron, a game combining elements of god games, roguelites, and NFT gaming, offers a challenging and immersive experience. As a long-standing partner of CARV, Apeiron’s Mission Board has yielded considerable success. It presents various quest types, some tailored to enhance user retention, while others test gamers’ skills.

During the event period spanning from June 12th to July 19th, we witnessed over 1.5k participants. Quests such as “A Dip in the Deep,” “Ascend to the Godiverse,” and “Artifact Looter” garnered significant participation. Remarkably, within a span of just over a month, the Mission Board contributed to an almost 300% increase in daily visits to the game zone.

Use Case 2: Tearing Spaces — Empowering Game Beta Testing

Tearing Spaces, a 3v3 action-packed PvEvP RPG game introduced a series of challenging tasks through the CARV Mission Board during its Season 1 beta testing phase. By engaging in various game modes and leveling up, players received exclusive rewards provided by the game for CARV users.

During the event, the game detail section of Tearing Spaces witnessed a remarkable 500% surge in visits. Thousands of players actively completed tasks, familiarized themselves with gameplay intricacies, and contributed valuable reviews. The CARV community exhibited tremendous enthusiasm for Tearing Spaces, generating a wealth of content around the beta testing phase.

Currently, the second season of CARV Mission Board is live and in full swing.

Use Case 3: Genopets — A 7400% Surge in Data

Genopets, a free-to-play and move-to-earn game, incentivizes active participation by rewarding players with cryptocurrency. As one of the earliest supporters of Solana’s multi-chain gaming platform, CARV enjoys a fruitful partnership with Genopets, aligning seamlessly with the game’s unique attributes.

In contrast to one-time events, the Mission Board serves as an ongoing showcase, nurturing user habits — a perfect fit for Genopets’ gaming ethos. Genopets introduced a series of “step banking” events, allowing players to earn exclusive rewards by maintaining activity from 3 to 21 days. Encouraged by these events, the number of players visiting the game zone surged to over ten thousand.

These compelling results underscore the transformative power of the CARV Mission Board. It not only enhances player engagement and retention but also contributes to the vibrant growth of gaming communities. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, CARV remains at the forefront, committed to providing developers and gamers with innovative solutions that enrich their experiences.



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