Networking For Introverts

There is a word that emerges in almost every meeting, in every event, in every get together with friends: networking. It seems obvious, it seems basic, but that’s where the magic really does happen.

The great advantages of networking is to generate contacts. Meet people who, in most cases, are likely to have experiences that we can learn from. Listen to advice, give advice and count on these new acquaintances for current and future projects.

In events of all kinds, the organizers propose a space and a time for networking. But how does it work? what do I have to do? For many, especially for the more introvert, it is not easy to approach others spontaneously, without a particular goal in mind.

The mistake is to believe that we need an excuse to speak. Networking events are themselves an excuse to talk to people without having to offer anything, just introduce yourself and ask simple questions that allows the other person to open up:

Hi how are you? My name is

What did you think of the talk?

What line of business are you in?

And most importantly — listen. Introverts are naturally good listeners, so you shouldn’t have a problem there. Pick up on information that is relevant to you or where you can add your own insight/ experience. At some point you will get an opportunity to talk about your own project.

The best advice for us introverts is to be visible. Let others come to us, establish eye contact and jump in. Talking to a person at the first networking event is a great achievement for a shy person.

In addition to the potential job prospects created by speaking to people with similar interests, networking is a way to transform colleagues into counselors, friends, project supporters, helpers and inspiration. At the end of the day, it is having the experience of talking to another with whom you share interests.

The important thing is to know your own limitations and to build relationships that allow you to learn and empower yourself through the know-how and networks of others. You will be surprised with the willingness of others to help you. Discover the interests and knowledge of others and operate together so that we can all grow.