Revolution begins at Casa

No man is an island, wrote John Donne in the 1600s, he reminded us that we are all connected with what surrounds us; with man, with nature, and with the universe that continuously orbits our individual universes. What would Donne say about the current disengagement? Today, walls, high and massive, with their roots in the soil of virtuality have become the borders that divide our individual spaces. We know it, we feel it, and so we are looking for new ways of connecting in a more authentic way within this modern construct we live in today.

Co-living is not a novelty, it exists since man exists. Living as a community always had great social and economic benefits. Tribal communities depend on it, Universities use it as a way of creating optimal learning environments and the elderly use it as a way to stay active at a stage in their lives which is known can be a lonely time.
However, paradigms changed and with them, society. Students and the elderly are no longer the only people who can derive benefits from living in a community. Today there is a quest for independence and, above all, to create more time for experiences. Time that is dedicated to things that can be resolved in a much more efficient way, such as arranging apartment viewings, meeting random landlords, setting up utilities, paying bills for each of those utilities etc. We want to stop wasting our energy on banal problems and dedicate our free time to enjoy the things that really give us satisfaction.

Casa Campus was born in response to that search. We believe that we can make things easier for you and that is why we generate private spaces where you can live your independence, watch Netflix and listen to music in solitude. But we are also convinced of the growing need to belong to a community where you can share your interests and points of view with a variety of people, each of whom have their own unique perspectives to share and learn from. Being part of our community gives you the possibility of enriching all aspects of your life, and also contributing to the growth of other members.

It is true, no man is an island and we want none to be, that is why we offer (man & woman) a simple and complete experience, that adapts to your work needs while providing you with a centric place to live and connect. Casa Campus takes away time spent on unnecessary bureaucracy and cleaning, allowing you to spend that time on whatever you want. We also host a range of events from movie nights and yoga sessions to ‘Casa Parties’ and ‘Casa Cookouts’, all with the help of our amazing Community Managers plus the Casa Campus app. You have the comforts of a home but with all the benefits of a hotel and with access to an amazing community. Live. Love. Learn.