Announcing the Casa Lightning Node

The easiest way to use Lightning available today.

Greetings from Michael Borglin and Thomas Connors of the Lightning Ramp team!

Today we are pleased to finally reveal two big secrets:

  1. We joined Casa a few months ago!
  2. We built Casa Lightning Node, the easiest way to use Lightning available today. (PRE-ORDER now. We’re releasing only 100 to the public!)

Building the Best Possible Lightning Experience

In February 2018 we released Lightning Ramp, a system for connecting exchanges to the Lightning network, with the goal of bringing the Lightning Network to millions of people as soon as possible.

While building this project, we uncovered many barriers preventing broad Lightning adoption. Building a Lightning node device solves many of those problems, but it also creates a new problem around key management.

When we met the Casa team, we were surprised to find that they previously built (but did not release) a multi-chain personal device in Q3 2017. They learned that without better key management software, personal node devices are at risk of being attacked. That’s why they focused 100% on building the best personal key manager on the planet first.

By joining Casa, we combined our expertise in Lightning with their deep key management and security expertise.

Together, we’re now releasing Casa Lightning Node, the best way to run Lightning and Bitcoin at your home or in your office!

Casa Lightning Node

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