Bitcoin Full Validation Sync Performance

Testing full sync of five Bitcoin node implementations.

As I’ve noted many times in the past, running a fully validating node gives you the strongest security model and privacy model that is available to Bitcoin users. But are all node implementations equal when it comes to performance? I had my doubts, so I ran a series of tests.

The computer I chose to use as a baseline is high-end but uses off-the-shelf hardware. I wanted to see what the latest generation SSDs were capable of doing, since syncing nodes tend to be very disk I/O intensive.

We’ve also run tests on less high-end hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, the board we use in our plug-and-play Casa Node for Lightning and Bitcoin. We learned that syncing Bitcoin Core from scratch on one can take weeks or months (which is why we ship Casa Nodes with the blockchain pre-synced).

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