Improve Your Security with Casa

A simple checklist for improving your personal security

Nick Neuman
Oct 11, 2018 · 3 min read
  • Why are these tools important?
  • What’s the next step to improve your personal security?

The Problem

Keeping up with best practices for personal security is hard. People today have hundreds of online accounts. Often they use the same password for each account. They don’t know about or understand the value of password managers or two-factor authentication.

“It won’t happen to me.”

“I’m busy; I’ll do it later.”

Then it DOES happen to you. One of your passwords is cracked and someone on the other side of the world is tweeting from your account. Or even worse, searching through your email. Or even worse, siphoning all your funds from one of your exchange accounts.

The Solution

We have to teach people about the importance of personal security, or cryptocurrencies will never succeed.

Your very own Digital Castle
  • Why is it important?
  • What is Casa’s suggestion for securing yourself?

Go and spread the good news of security!

It’s time to own up to the responsibility that comes with being part of the early crypto community. If you pride yourself on being a “sovereign individual”, you must take the necessary steps to secure yourself.

Ready to improve your security?

Try the Casa Security Checklist tool today!

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