Manage your Keys with Casa

The best personal key system on the planet.

Your future is dependent on keys.

Not a metal door key like the one in your pocket, but a special kind of digital, cryptographic key like this one:


Cryptocurrencies use these digital cryptographic keys to secure funds.

Early companies in the cryptocurrency space manage these keys for you, acting as a custodian. This approach is great for fast setup, but it severely limits your control and experience (kind of like AOL vs. the full Internet).

To gain the real benefits of cryptocurrency, you must manage your own keys.

But managing keys is not easy. Keys can be lost accidentally or in a disaster, and holding full power from keys opens you up to new risks of theft.

We created Casa to help you manage keys.

Using a precise mix of world-class design, engineering and service expertise, Casa enables you to maximize the benefits of cryptocurrency while minimizing the risks of holding keys.

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