Seven Guiding Principles at Casa

Our internal framework for decision-making.

Our mission at Casa is to maximize personal sovereignty and safety.

Last year we created seven guiding principles to support that mission, and today we are revealing those publicly.

The seven guiding principles are:

1. Sovereign Customers First
2. Bitcoin First
3. HODL First
4. Can’t Be Evil
5. Design for Lifetime Relationships
6. Build for Resilience
7. Don’t Trust, Verify

Let’s explore each of these principles in more detail below.

1. Sovereign Customers First

Jeff Bezos and the Amazon team famously have a “Customers First” principle to guide their decision-making. Exceptional customer service, even if that means running a loss on the short-term, keeps customers returning for the long-term.

At Casa we also use a “Customers First” approach, specifically focusing on customers who desire more personal sovereignty and safety.

Why is this principle important enough to be number one?

Because the ultimate decider of safety and sovereignty must be the end customer. Even if Casa engineers feel comfortable and safe using a tool, we can’t stop there. We have to keep improving the design and experience until our end customers (many of whom are not technical) also feel safe and secure.

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