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Casa Tookan: the bird that chirps on the blockchains

In the jungle of cryptocurrencies, not all trees look the same and host the same birds. Blockchain gamers have specific needs in terms of selecting the right crypto wallet for their use. They also may have difficulties finding the right wallet.

However, blockchain game publisher BitCrystals just announced the release of a new mobile app with the most interesting feathers, err… features!

Casa Tookan is the first Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet to offer users an integrated experience allowing them to manage their digital assets and other collectibles in one single place with no difference between the chains.

Digital property: from straw huts to capacious citadel

The creators of Casa Tookan have decided to approach the problem of token wallet from the metaphor of real estate. Just like the owner of a piece of real estate may build one or several houses on his land, blockchain users may own a piece of digital property with various currencies, digital assets or tokens.

Casa Tookan addresses this problem by offering a dual chain (Bitcoin and Ethereum) mobile app that combines a crypto wallet, a DApps browser and a news feed.

Just like any other wallet, this new app shelters your digital property and make yourself the only keeper and guardian of your digital estate.

But your estate may contain one or more digital dwellings, hosting Bitcoin or Ether in what they call “casas.” A casa is simply composed of a pair of Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, a world first in digital blockchain wallets. A small account may look like a straw hut, whereas a wealthy and fat account will be depicted as a capacious citadel. Your digital estate may host an infinite number of casas. If we can, you too can…

The iOS version of Casa Tookan include an in-app currency name “tookans”. Tookans is an off-chain currency allowing you to buy off-chain collectibles. The Tookans currency is used only within the app and is not tradable on any blockchain.

The Casa Tookan Browser

The key feature of Casa Tookan is its integrated web browser. It allows you to connect directly to different decentralised apps (or DApps for short) on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. You are thus able to access several web apps to trade, play or caress your preferred Cryptofelines.

Casa Tookan’s DApps browser is divided into two sections, the ‘Spotlight’ corner and the ‘Favorites’ part.

In the spotlight

The ‘Spotlight’ section is the part of the app’s digital screen estate where only selected DApps are featured for a month or longer. As more projects, games and apps are popping up on the blockchains, the Spotlight is the ideal place to make yourself visible. It is a good way for developers to promote their DApps and allows users to discover new or old DApps.

Favorites, your Best Bunnies Forever

The ‘favorites’ section, under the spotlight is the place where you can pin your favorite DApps. You are thus just one click away from your best crypto bunnies.Oh! You prefer kitties? No problem.

What’s up, Doc?

However, it’s one thing to sit like $crooge McDuck on your pile of cryptocash (any HODLer in the room?), it’s another one to get the latest news from the cryptoverse and be sure not to miss out the best opportunities. Casa Tookan’s in-app news feed keeps you informed on the latest developments and actuality of the crypto game world. This includes Casa Tookan-related news, interesting blockchain projects, airdrops as well as tutorials and tips. And keep calm, the toucan should not bother you unreasonably.

Shaban Shaame, CEO of EverdreamSoft, the maker of Casa Tookan highlights his ambition as crypto realtor: “At BitCrystals, we’re continually looking for new ways to improve the blockchain customer experience, and Casa Tookan does this by bringing together several tools under one roof.”

Casa Tookan is available for download on the Google Play store and the App Store.

Check out Casa Tookan and let us know what you think!

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