Case Studies: Best of 2017

When reading through design case studies we get to go on a trip with the designer and follow their trail of thought. It’s almost like sitting behind them watching their screen. Sometimes the trip is unforgettable and inspires you to think differently. Here are 7 case studies that stood out this year, in a random order.

Designing a New OS for a Minimalist Phone — Siempo →

Matt D. Smith share glimpses of his design process, from interesting user flows to impressive prototypes. It’s like sitting behind his screen. Video style case studies are rare, but I predict we’ll see more of them in 2018.

Inside the Duolingo design process: Tinycards →

Jack Morgan really illustrates the importance of naming and how it could impact a visual direction. On top of the interesting process there’s an important takeaway here: Make sure to explore your product name. It sets the stage for everything.

How to enhance mobile interactions with sound design →

Will Littlejohn, Facebook’s sound design director puts it well: “Sound design is fascinating, infuriating, and deeply satisfying”. The sound design team also openly shares their sound design kit for anyone to use in their own projects. Pretty cool!

Artwork Personalization at Netflix →

Personalization on a whole new level. The Netflix team takes us into their process and system for giving us a personal experience. Impressive!

Evolving the Dropbox Brand →

A case study like this is a great way to make a statement, especially considering their core audience for their new brand direction. Dropbox has stretched their visuals far and I doubt they’ll implement everything into their products, but that is probably not the point. A statement will go a long way!

I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It →

Unsolicited design improvements by Jason Yuan, who has a lot of interesting ideas and some should even be in the app for real, especially the search functionality. Apple should hire this guy! — UX Analysis and Responsive Redesign →

An unsolicited minimalist redesign of a crowded by Renee Lin. No distractions, just travel. A huge leap forward!

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