The #Add10GrowShow #4: 3 Ways To Get Your Team More Productive

In this Episode number 4 of The #ADD10GROWSHOW I am gonna give you three ways on how to get your team more productive. Let’s go!

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Hi there and welcome to Episode number 4 of The #ADD10GROWSHOW. My name is Casey Gollan and I started off telling why we started Add10. Then I showed you three ways you can get more time and three ways to make more money.

Now I wanna show you three ways in which you can get more productivity out of your team to make your life a hell of a lot easier as a business owner. So, let’s get into it.


So let’s say you’ve got a team. Now most people don’t call it a team. Most people would call it a staff. If you might get a staff you might get staff full. But what we’re optimally looking to go for is to build a team that builds your business. So it isn’t relying on you.

See, when you started your business it was probably you or maybe you and your partner or something and you were doing everything. You were the driver one because you’re so clever and you’re so smart. And you know, entrepreneurs are just clever people and they can troubleshoot things and they can work things out. But that becomes the issue for you once you get to a certain high.

So the first amount of team members you put into a business or staff are usually the people you put on board because you don’t want to do the type of activity. You know, you might hate financial. So you staff that. “I’m gonna get a bookkeeper.” “I’m gonna get someone in-house to do it.”

“Oh Jesus! I hate selling.” So you’re gonna hire someone to do the selling. Or you might be a salesperson and you hate book work. Guess what? You might get a VA or you might get a PA to do that for you. That’s natural.

But the first five, maybe ten team members, not including subcontractors and things like that. So you might have a lot of people doing a lot of things but the first five to ten people within your business they are usually replacing roles you just don’t want to do. That’s the easy bit in growing.

The next bit is the hard bit. It is replacing the jobs and roles that you love doing. Okay, that’s where it becomes a bit of a challenge.


So for you to go from where you are and where you need to be or where you want to be requires a massive paradigm shift, a change of mindset, a change of skills. So you might have a couple of things you’re not aware of or you are aware but you’re blocking yourself on or there might be some skills and that you just got a skills gap on.

It’s very easy because you are an entrepreneur. You’re gonna be smart, you’re gonna be clever, you just gotta be able to read between the lines. Someone just needs to show you what it is you need to do. You will find out what that is and then you’ll make it happen. It’s very easy.

So, to go from here to where you want to be, there’s some things you need to change in the team.


And the three ways to get more out of your team are with their culture, with character and with competence. That’s the three main areas that we work in here at Add10.

Now these three areas are very deep but let me just give you a bit of an overview, a bit of a Google earth look on what culture, character and competence is in building a team.

When you build a team, the number one priority is to be a winning team. If you’re an entrepreneur you’re gonna have a bit of a getup and go about you. You want to be a WINNER. So when you build a team why the hell not build a winning team.

But you know what? When you started you probably didn’t even know about building a team. Or maybe you did. Maybe you came from a corporate background and you used to run you know thirty people, hundred people, three hundred people.

If that’s what you’ve done in a previous life, you’ll probably find this area a lot easier than most if you had that in your DNA or you have it in your experience. So if you have it in your experience or DNA you’re probably gonna go through this very easy.

For those people who don’t, it’s very scary because all of a sudden you are in control of this first phase then what you gotta to do is have the culture in control of the second phase. You are overseeing it but the culture is what needs to dictate the company.


So let’s go into that. So the culture is basically how you do things. When you go to Italy this is the way of life there. When you go to Spain or England or Australia this is just a way of life. It’s the way that they do things. Australians are traditionally more laid back whereas other cultures might be a little bit different.

What is the culture of your business? Typically you eliminate from the startup which will be you. So what is that culture? And is that the culture you want to build into this business as you go from where you are now to where you wanna to be? That’s the question.

So there’s ways that you need to do that. Part of it, three different areas in the culture is developing a vision, a mission statement and values for your business.

That’s pretty airy-fairy when you start off a business. And you know, to be honest for myself and for my clients and my wife that’s building businesses getting that vision-mission in culture is really kind of an airy fairy bit of an academic thing when you first start off.

But when you get to that area where you need to run a team and have the culture controlling the business rather than you that’s when it becomes very, very important.

So culture, we need to build a culture, a winning culture within your business. And you as the business owner needs to have standards and run that culture that controls the people. Because what we want to do is create a culture where your team come into and that’s just the way that they work.

And if you look, let’s take for example the Formula1. If you look at Formula 1 pit crews and pit crew areas is it messy or is it just run like a swiss army knife? It is absolutely run to perfection and it is clean and it is neat, it is tidy and it is super competitive to get into that culture.

Now, I want you to think one of your favorite businesses that’s made it BIG, not just startups, not just a little business but a big business that’s made it big from small. How is that business ran? Is it ran like a winning team? Are the people in there just competitive and doing amazing things?

Bet you they are. And that’s what you need to build in your business as we move you from being IN the business to being ON the business to take it to that level that you want to take it.

So, culture. How you want to do that? You want to do that by bringing in people with the right character.


Now once again you might have heard about values and your gonna hire and fire on values. It might be airy-fairy terms to you but if you are at that point right now that I am talking about and building a team that builds your business you wanna be acutely aware of the character of the person you’re bringing into your culture. And you wanna bring in people that just fit your culture.

So, for example, a Russian that goes and starts to live in America or an American that goes to live in Russia because in the movies they put out might be a big clash of personality, right? It’s just because there’s a bit of culture differences between those two countries.

So when you’re running your ads, when people come to your website, when you are recruiting people you’ve got to create a world that is clearly evident to the team member coming to your business. That’s how you do things. Make sense? That’s what we wanna do.

So, to do that with your culture you have to find the right people that fit your culture. So start off by defining your culture, your values then define the type of person in terms of behavior style, in terms of their values that fit your culture. And you’ll just know that they are the right sort of person once you get this down.


And lastly, the third part is their competence. What most people do is that they switch that character for competence. They are looking for someone that can come in and run and just do a good job.

And sometimes they do but then after a while they are just not the person that you thought that you hired. And that’s because the character wasn’t put first. You gotta need to hire on character.

If you got a good character person, the competence can be trained in them particularly if your culture is when you build, when you hire a new person into your business the role of that person is not just to learn but is also to document what you’ve taught them because you build a process with new hires.

So even if those new hires don’t work out, you already got the process that’s been documented. So future new hires don’t have to learn this much from you as a business owner or from your team. They can learn that much from the already documented procedures and then get the other bits. So that’s how.

You’ve got three way to start building a championship team culture in your business so the team can build your business. And that my friend is how you bring the time, the money and the team together.

What Add10 is About

You work more effectively with your time to build a team that builds your business with the right business model that can make you millions. That’s what Add10 is about. And that’s how I’ve helped all these clients you’ve seen on to add millions to their business and I want to do that for you.

So take on what you’ve learnt from this video. Or if you’re listening in iTunes, podcasts or anywhere else take on these things. Embed them and search for more to be able to instill a great culture with great character in people with the right competence of the people you’ve brought into your business so they can build the business with you.

And that’s just another way you can add 10 Million to your business. My name is Casey. Thank you very much for listening We’re gonna talk in the next episode about something super cool. So join me then you take care.

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Thank you very much. I look forward to crossing paths with you in whatever form. So, you take care!

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