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Nov 1, 2018 · 5 min read

Dear Cashaa Family,

Since our inception into the Fintech industry we have been consistently working towards solving today’s problems individuals and businesses are having with traditional banking. Each month we compile key highlights from the updates on our products, partnerships, events and perspectives to keep you updated!
Here is the recap of the insights, analysis and discussions in the month of October that we don’t want you to miss!

CAS Token Updates

From 8 October on, we distributed our monthly PoS tokens: 7453 addresses have been allocated a maximum PoS of 222,567,041.03 CAS based on a stake of 318,140,145.98 CAS have received their monthly installment of 31,134,225.25 CAS. Details can be found here.

Product/Partnership Updates

More than 53000 individuals and 40+ businesses registered who are awaiting our coming current account with crypto functionalities! We made an important update in our digital wallet interface, as now users will be able to exchange between different cryptocurrencies directly via the wallet interface i.e. without any need to access exchange platforms, while keeping a track record of the complete transaction history.

This upgrade was done immediately after the successful completion of regulatory formalities in UK and Europe. Further, Kumar, worked closely with the product team to bring up the next generation wallet shortly:

For more details, also check our video updates:

Kumar Sprint Session with the product team (Session 1)

Development team has taken all the inputs from Kumar’s first session and we are happy to notify that the crypto wallet is ready to roll out as per our roadmap. There are a few minor changes required to fit the regulatory and design requirement but due to Diwali (national festival in India), most technology team members are going on Holiday from 1st till 12th of November. Meanwhile the business team is creating the membership plans (CAS Token utility) and fee structure for the current account services for the token utility. We are very excited and are expecting the release soon after the vacation. The expected date to roll out the wallet with planned details is 15th November.

The team is working continuously and incorporated almost all the changes that came from Session 1 and presented on Session 2 with Kumar.

Kumar Sprint Session with the Product team (Session 2)

Community Updates

In addition to the PoS tokens mentioned above, we also distributed 160,000 CAS that were awarded to the members of our Cashaa Knights bounty programme, as well as 24,000 CAS that were released to our community members of the week.

The Cashaa Sticker Competition has been started on 7th October 2018 and is running successfully. Already more than 1000 stickers have been received towards the competition and we are expecting more. The competition will end on 4th November 2018. To participate, you can join our telegram groups: and We encourage more people to participate in the competition and get rewarded!


On 16 & 17 October, Janina Lowisz, our Co-Founder and VP Marketing, presented our “Multi-Currency Crypto Friendly Account” at the 10th BBVA Open Summit during two pitch sessions at the finals of the BBVA Open Talent competition in Madrid, Spain. This followed BBVA’s selection of Cashaa earlier this year as a Top 3 finalist for the category “Fintech for People” among over 900 other startups.

On 23rd October, Kumar presented our ”One Bank Account for old and new Money” at Money2020 in Las Vegas. At both presentations, we presented a sneak peek of our coming product and received a great feedback from numerous prospective users.

Participating in Money2020 was a special honour for us, as we were sponsored by BBVA to present at one of the most influential events of the industry, “Where the Future of Money is invented”. This high-impact networking event attracted over 11,000+ attendees, 1,700 CEOs and presidents, and 4,500 companies from over 85 countries.

Additionally, on 25 October, Kumar participated at the “2nd Soirée”- a networking event for Cryptos & Blockchain Professionals, building further useful contacts, this time in Vancouver.

Awards and Recognitions

Aside the above-mentioned selection as a Top 3 Finalist for the Fintech for People award at BBVA Open Talent and being sponsored to attend and speak at Money2020, we received a further recognition:

After rigorous screening process, we were selected as one of the Emerging 50 Rising Stars as part of the Fintech100 list for 2018 by KPMG and H2 Ventures. To know more, see here.

Further, as per recent stats, we are now ranked 13th among the Top 100 Most influential Blockchain Companies in the world — check here for the full list!

Community Articles in October:

We would like to thank you for each community article received ! Here are a few which we would like to share with all of you:

Why Cashaa has more potential than many higher priced tokens

On the parallels between XRP and CAS

General and Cashaa related FAQs

ICOs struggling to convert funds into Fiat

The Experience of being a Cashaa Knight

We are thankful to the community members for their love and support. Further, we are always looking forward to more such valuable contributions and are open for any suggestions.

Feel free to reach us at and meanwhile if you have any ideas for further improvement discuss in our Telegram group

We wish our Community a wonderful November!


Cashaa Team

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