Cashaa Roadmap 2019 — Our Road to Greatness, join us now!

Our mission is to bank a global Crypto Economy and as the months are passing we are coming more closer to it.

Hundreds of projects were started in 2017–2018, doing ICOs or token sales, frequently promising to create a bridge between the traditional and the crypto industry or develop crypto-fiat banking, but not a single company has been able to deliver anything near to that. All we have seen were companies that used brand names and fake partnerships to jump their token price.

Our Start in 2019 — Our Products so far

At Cashaa, our vision was clear from the day we were founded. Any shortcut in compliance and marketing ahead the product will jeopardize our future. We worked hard during the bear market to focus on building the product and open new markets to bring crypto adoption.

So far less than 0.5% of the people in the world have tasted crypto, and soon we will see a huge rise when the remaining 99.5% become aware of its true potential. Irrespective of small adoption, crypto has become one of the most disruptive industries and hundreds of businesses are coming up. However, most of these businesses lack banking infrastructure. Check out our Business accounts if your exchange or crypto company needs banking.

In the first quarter of 2019, we launched our wallet, enabling business onboarding and so far had 203 businesses sign up, all ready to get their crypto banking. While we gave compliance and regulation a priority, we made sure that the fundamentals of crypto of your keys, your Bitcoin must be maintained.

Finally, in April 2019, we launched a full banking UK current account for all your local and international banking needs with Mastercard. A unique borderless payment platform for all the banking needs for global businesses. Whatever you may need, we make it easy by providing you with exceptional online banking experience.

We also had a superb Blockchain Summit India, where we were selected Fintech Partner, giving us exposure in an important time before India will open up for cryptocurrency and facilitating a possibly huge adoption. Click here to know about Vision Blockchain 2030 and what we are doing in India.

As promised, we have worked on our roadmap which we are excited to share with you now!

Here are the coming milestones until the end of this year:

April — June 2019:

  • The world’s first user-controlled multisig cryptocurrency wallet with a borderless payment platform. Buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more and convert into 200 currencies worldwide. (Live)
  • Purchase of cryptocurrencies using Mastercard and VISA credit/debit cards in Personal and Business account. Payment processing went online in GBP on 8th April while Euro payment processing through cards will starts on 18th April 2019. (Live)
  • Online Banking platform for Business to manage fiat and crypto went live. Get a fully licensed UK current account with Mastercard to buy, store, exchange and spend your fiat and crypto worldwide. (Live) UK current accounts will be given to companies registered anywhere in the world other than the USA, India and sanctioned countries. (Live)
  • Issuing Mastercard for business users (Live)
  • International and local transfers with CHAPS, BACS, SWIFT and Faster Payment (Live)
  • Business payment notification API (Live), to help businesses automate their payments & streamline accounting
  • Instant GBP-FPS deposits from your bank to GBP wallet and crypto transfers after buying on the exchange. Please note: Currently the systems between exchange and fiat wallet are under monitoring for compliance reason (up to 15th May). Each crypto send transaction will be manually approved, which delays the on chain transaction and users may have to wait up to 24 hrs to receive the crypto purchased in the wallet or able to send to other address from the wallet. (Live)
  • Crypto turnkey solution for businesses, so that they can start selling crypto on their platform using credit/debit card in just 5 mins using our turnkey solution with zero risks involved. The first release will be made by 10th May with frequent features updates.
  • Consensus 2019: We are proud to be a sponsor of one of the most well-known crypto event worldwide. The best way to start marketing is by showcasing the Cashaa accounts, in front of 8000 crypto lovers and companies.
  • Marketing for CAS tokens will start in partnership with CoinmarketCap.
  • Pre-registration for personal accounts with full banking current accounts will start at Consensus 2019.
  • Buy/Sell and store XRP, BCH, BSV, and BNB in the Cashaa multisig wallet.
  • Buy/Sell and store stablecoins (USDT) in the wallet.

July — September 2019:

  • Launch of Online banking current accounts for businesses based in India
  • Online Banking platform for personal users to manage fiat and crypto. Get a fully licensed UK current account with Mastercard to buy, store, exchange and spend your fiat and crypto worldwide.
  • Issuing Mastercard for personal users linked with UK current account
  • Buy/Sell and store EOS, ETC, XAL, LTC in the Cashaa multisig wallet.
  • iOS and Android application for Cashaa Banking platform
  • Release of crypto payment platform
  • Ongoing marketing through Google, Facebook, Linkedin and CMC
  • Opening operational and business development offices in New Delhi, Singapore, and Hongkong, adding to our existing offices in London, Tallinn, and Mumbai
  • Starting Cashaa crypto meetups in Europe, Canada, Russia, and SE Asian countries.
  • Hackathon to build on top of Cashaa in major cities

October — December 2019:

  • Interest on crypto deposits (partnership)
  • Loans on crypto deposits (partnership)
  • Crypto tax reporting (partnership)
  • Buy/Sell and store TRON, XLM, DASH, NEO in the Cashaa multisig wallet.
  • Ongoing marketing through Google, Facebook, Linkedin and CMC
  • Venture Capital raise for exponential growth
  • Opening an office in New York or San Francisco for US expansion

Make sure you share these updates with all your contacts and get them on board — together, let’s make 2019 the best year ever!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

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