Meet us at Consensus 2019 — UK Current Accounts, Community Meetup, Prizes and more!

Cashaa Team
May 6 · 3 min read

Consensus 2019, the yearly industry-leading event attracting over 2500 blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world, which for many years has been the number one place to be for anyone in this space, is approaching fast, and we have a lot of exciting news to share with you!

Meet Kumar and Janina at New York Blockchain Week, and make sure you visit them at Cashaa’s booth #313 at Consensus, 13–15 May!

We are a proud sponsor of Consensus this year, having come a long way since the last edition of this outstanding conference, and now being able to present our live banking platform to thousands of attendees. We are looking forward to meeting all the relevant businesses of the space, helping them with the banking solution they’ve been looking for and solving one of their most urgent needs.

The run-up to Blockchain Week — here’s what you need to know!

We are giving one Consensus ticket away — this is an opportunity for one of our community members to become our lucky winner and get a free ticket, meet the team, witness the launch of our personal plans, and become the first person to get your personal Cashaa UK bank account!

To win, you need to be the first one emailing us that you want to win, and you need to have already subscribed for a Personal account higher than Blue plan. Please email, using the email address you registered with — First come first serve!

Aside from that, we’ll have plenty of giveaways including fee discounts and goodies which you can get as an attendee!

What to do during Blockchain Week — make sure you put these dates in your calendar:

  • The highlight will be our Cashaa booth #313 at Consensus, 13–15 May, 9am — 6pm (The Hilton, Midtown, 1335 6th Ave, New York) which also marks the start of the pre-registration for our personal UK current accounts with Mastercard! We are looking forward to meeting you all there and get you onboard! Register HERE for your Consensus ticket now.
  • Kumar and Janina will have arrived in New York on 12 May and will stay until 17 May — if you want to arrange a meeting contact!
  • We will have a community meetup on 14th May after 6pm at the Bridges Bar, Hilton Hotel Midtown — a great opportunity to have a longer conversation with us and network with other Cashaa friends & users!

This is going to be an incredible week with a massive potential for the growth of Cashaa, we can’t wait to see you all — ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO, share this great news with everyone in your network!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

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One account for Old and New Money!

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