Why e-invoicing is the best for your business

What is e-invoicing?

On a general note, e-invoicing simply means sending and/or receiving invoice documents in an electronic format as opposed to paper invoices. The term electronic invoice may seem self-explanatory, but it’s good to note that there sometimes is debate over what counts as an e-invoice. Therefore, to clarify this, e-invoicing in this context refers to an exchange of invoices between a supplier and buyer in an integrated electronic format.

Why e-invoicing, what’s there for me?

It is good for your business and saves you lots of hassles. It’s that simple. In the current business world, you wouldn’t want to experience having to write invoices, remind customers of their payment via calls? It gets boring and it’s time consuming. Sometimes, the availability of a much easier way is all you need to keep your business running. Cashflow e-invoicing allows you create invoices in a simple and faster way, track account payments, send automated reminders to your clients about due payments and get paid directly into your bank account

Payments can be made via debit cards, mobile money, internet banking, and cash paid over the counter. Your customers will find paying you easier.

When invoicing takes another twist, Cashflow e-invoicing got you covered through the invoicing process.

Creating an invoice

Simply log on to www.cashflow.ng, sign up and get started. Upon completion of necessary details, click customers which allows you add new customers by filling necessary details or use the import customers button to import customers list after downloading the excel template

Upon completion, click on the product button to add your products or use the import product button to import customers list after downloading the excel template

To send an invoice, click Add new invoice. Cashflow affords you the opportunity to upload a customer list to enable you to send invoices to or more than one customer at once

Before you send invoice to your customers/clients, our preview and review features are here for you

Once your preview looks good, send your invoice directly to your customers through cashflow. They’ll get a simple web link via mail and text, they never have to create a cashflow account to view the invoice. As the initiator of the transaction, your account will automatically updated to inform you when the invoice has been sent, viewed, or paid.

Once your order has been paid, you can still add an extra touch point to let your customers know you’re organized and ready for repeat business! After recording a payment, scroll down to the bottom of the invoice to send them a receipt of payment.

E-invoicing just got easier with Cashflow. www.cashflow.ng