How to create your first Ethereum wallet in less than 3 minutes

After our free token sale in February we were frequently asked “How can I create an Ethereum wallet and receive tokens?”. Here is the answer!

There are many guides out there, but we will try to make it as easy and quick as possible. It will take you less than 3 minutes to create your wallet!

  1. Go to

You will see a safety popup at the start. Just click through it or click at the corner of the box to skip it. (Yes, this part is annoying…) After that you will see the option to create a new wallet.

2. Enter a password

Enter a strong password and click on “Create New Wallet”. There is no way to reset your password if you forget it! Write the password down somewhere and store it at a save place.

3. Download your keystore file

Download the keystore file and store it somewhere safe.

The keystore file is used to access your wallet in combination with your password. Therefore you should keep you keystore file safe! Create a backup in case you loose the file.

4. Save your private key

At the last step you will see your private key. Keep this string safe like your password. You will not be able reset this key in case you lose it.

5. Unlock your wallet

You can unlock your wallet using either your keystone file or your private key. Just upload the file or paste in the private key and enter your password.

You should see your wallet address now:

Done! You just created your first Ethereum wallet!

Important: Always double check the URL ( and SSL cert if you use this way to access your wallet! Your browser should show a green lock next to the URL.

Tipp: You can also use the browser extension MetaMask to access your wallet. This is a more secure and comfortable way to unlock the wallet than using private keys or keystore files. Have a look at the official tutorial here:

We will explain how to receive custom tokens with your new Ethereum wallet in a sequel soon!

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