Break Down Your Customers’ Wall of Confusion

In-lane cash bill payment options provide revolutionary convenience for customers, but you may have wondered if these users will be confused by the technology.

After all, consumers who don’t normally handle their finances with credit or debit cards may be unsophisticated when it comes to any digital transaction. Will they be too intimidated to try out in-lane cash payment? Here’s how you can ease them past their uncertainty and help them take advantage of the convenience of paying their bills in cash at local retail outlets.

Recognize the Barriers Your Customers Face

Just as you need to understand your customer personas in order to conduct effective marketing, you also need that insight in order to persuade people to change their bill-paying behavior. Who are the customers with the greatest need for a cash bill-paying option? For the most part, these people will be among the seven percent of U.S. residents who don’t use the banking system — they either don’t qualify for banking services, don’t understand how to use them or don’t trust them. In each of these cases, you can reach out and provide appropriate step-by-step payment instructions on your bill, which are tailored to the needs of these customers.

Provide Step-by-Step Instructions

Since the convenience of cash bill payment at retail outlets is especially useful to people who are not clear on the concept of digital payment systems, it’s important to enclose straightforward instructions on how to use this payment option. In some cases, your customers may not be entirely fluent in English.

When you include instructions on your bill, describing how to pay the bill with cash, you can phrase those instructions in very simple English. In many cases, this is sufficient to make the information readable by non-native English speakers. In addition, if you know that you serve a sizable non-English-speaking population, you can include the instructions in a second language. Using graphics to illustrate each step of the process is also very helpful.

Emphasize the Security of In-Lane Cash Payment

Many individuals who choose to conduct their financial transactions in cash may do so because of security concerns. They may be worried about their personal information being compromised by any form of electronic payment system. When you communicate to them the safety of the in-lane payment process, they are likely to feel encouraged and relieved.

It is important to inform them ahead of time that they will receive a receipt for their payment, and that they aren’t required to fill out any forms or provide any personal information. Your primary message to them is that you can provide the instant convenience of digital payment without requiring them to take any risks or make any uncomfortable changes in their lifestyle.

Encourage Customers to Try In-Lane Cash Payment

Many people prefer to stick with familiar routines, even if a new and more convenient solution is available. If you’re able to offer some kind of incentive for using the cash payment option for the first time, you’re likely to win over these consumers to this option for the long term. Even if your encouragement does not include financial premiums, it’s important to let your customers know that they will benefit from giving in-lane payment a try.

Set Up a Win-Win Situation

The best transactions in the business world are ones in which both parties win. Retail-based walk-in bill pay is a perfect example of a win-win situation: your customers will feel that their needs and preferences are respected while your organization will see more on-time payments and stronger customer loyalty.

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