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Building a Question Answering System Part 2: Document Retrieval

Authors: The CASL Team

CASL Forte
Example: Open Research Dataset

Environment Setup

Option1: Using Conda

conda activate forte_qa

Option 2: Using Python venv

source env/bin/activate

Clone and cd into our repo


Build the ElasticSearch index

On another terminal, start an ElasticSearch backend


Switch back to the first terminal and build the index

python examples/pipeline/indexer/ --data-dir sample_data/cord_paper
python examples/pipeline/indexer/ --data-dir <path-to-cord19-dataset>/document_parses/pdf_json

Recap: Question Understanding as a Forte pipeline

Extending the Forte pipeline with Document Retrieval

Looking forward

Why use Forte?

About CASL



News and updates about the CASL open — source project.

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