Caspian’s Token Challenge is Live! Earn More CSP by Unlocking Achievements

With our community growing larger every day, Caspian is now giving you the opportunity to earn tokens simply by being an active participant. As part of our token challenge, which begins Saturday August 11 at 10 AM Central European Time, we will be awarding members up to 460 CSP (estimated USD $22) when they unlock various achievements. This opportunity will last until our tokens are depleted or our timer runs out, so be sure to register at in order to start earning tokens while you can.

You can earn CSP simply by doing things you normally do as a Caspian supporter, the first of which is to join Caspian’s Telegram community. After that, inviting new members, following our Twitter account, and clapping for our Medium posts will earn you more CSP. More labor intensive achievements will yield larger token awards. Finally, participants will receive a bonus of 100 CSP for completing all of the achievements while the token challenge is live. All tokens will be provided at Token Generation Event (TGE).

Here is a short breakdown of the tasks you need to complete and the token reward you will receive:

  • Join Caspian’s community on Telegram — 10 CSP
  • Invite 3 members — 50 CSP
  • Invite an additional 5 members — 80 CSP
  • Answer members’ questions — 30 CSP
  • Conversation starter — 40 CSP
  • Medium maximum clap — 30 CSP
  • Follow Caspian’s Twitter — 30 CSP
  • Participate in Caspian’s trivia — 30 CSP
  • Win in Caspian’s trivia — 60 CSP
  • Complete all achievements — 100 CSP

Caspian is the most advanced platform for institutional traders in the crypto space. We have already announced partnerships with a number of leading players in the industry. All of this momentum is building toward delivering a best-in-class product to our users, many of whom are present in our growing community. All of our technical and enterprise achievements would mean much less without a community of enthusiastic backers, and we are grateful for your support. This token challenge is one of the ways we can thank you and offer you an additional opportunity to participate in Caspian’s growth.

Once again, please visit register, and stay tuned for further updates by following us on Medium and Telegram.

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DISCLAIMER: Supporters who are residents in certain jurisdictions will be unable to participate in the token challenge due to regulatory restrictions. Please look at our terms and conditions for further details.