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Cassava Network Partners with UniPass Wallet

Hello Cassava Community,

We have some good news and are glad to share it with you!

In line with our mission of onboarding Africans into Web3, we have entered into a strategic partnership with UniPass. This partnership allows us to integrate the UniPass wallet into our product so that users who create Cassava accounts are automatically signed up on UniPass.

With a UniPass account, you can easily hold, send and receive on-chain digital assets across multiple EVM blockchains. You can access your UniPass wallet address by simply visiting your Cassava profile.

What is UniPass Wallet?

UniPass is a multi-chain, smart contract-enabled wallet that allows developers to offer a gasless and seedless experience familiar to Web2 users. It enables users to interact with assets and dApps across popular EVM blockchains.

With UniPass, users can easily log into their smart contract-enabled wallets using their emails, google accounts or other frequently used social media accounts, making it easily accessible to newbies without forcing them to memorise or secure their seed phrase.

Why UniPass?

Here at Cassava, we are very particular about partnering with brands whose goals align with ours. Our partnership with UniPass will provide an easy-to-use and feature-packed blockchain wallet that makes it easy for Africans to interact with assets and dApps across various EVM blockchains.

Some outstanding features of UniPass include;

Ease of Use: UniPass Wallet is user-friendly and easy to navigate. With only an email, any new user can set up a UniPass wallet to hold, send and receive on-chain assets.

Seedless/ Email and Social Login: Youdo not need a seed phrase or private key to access your wallet. You can easily log in and access your wallet with an email, google account or other social media accounts.

Supports Multiple Blockchains: UniPass wallet allows users to hold, send and receive assets across various EVM blockchains without manually adding these networks. This makes accessing digital assets across multiple blockchains easy for African users with little to no Web3 knowledge.

Gasless Transactions: With UniPass, you can either complete gasless transactions by watching adverts or can proceed to complete transactions by paying gas fees in any token. You do not necessarily need Ether to complete transactions involving Erc-20 tokens.

Learn more about Cassava 👇

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Learn more about UniPass 👇

Website | Twitter | Discord | Youtube



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