Monologues are the Way to a Casting Director’s Heart

This Friday is our 4th showcase event for actors and casting directors!

These events we’re hosting are complicated beasts. Consider the elements:

  • Actors get 3–5 minutes to present a monologue of their choice.
  • A director workshops the monologues with the actors.
  • We invite casting directors to come and enjoy the performances.
  • We reach out to lovers of good storytelling to come watch.
  • There’s a unique help-the-actor format. The actor asks the audience 3 specific questions about their performance, which the audience votes on.
  • We make videos of the performances which the actors are free to use as they like.
  • There’s amazing food afterwards, over which new relationships are formed.
The best part is, after every event, casting directors reach out directly to the actors to audition them for their own projects.

This is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish, both offline and online — to make the casting process easier, more powerful and more joyous for both actors and casting directors.

All this has to come together within a span of just a couple of weeks. It’s an exercise in persistence and love, and we love doing it.

This time we’re diving even deeper on the creative side: for this Friday, we’ve got the dynamic Aakash Prabhakar running intense rehearsals and workshops with the actors. On the execution side, we continue to get amazing collaborators like the folks at Harkat Studios, Overact, Tamaasha, and Enthuzest Studios. There is a special place in our hearts for directors Sunil Shanbag sir and Suhaas Ahuja who have been kind enough to come and support our experiments with their invaluable experience and thoughts even at this early stage. And most of all, at every show (except if the city is flooded) we continue to get an audience of amazing, creative people with tonnes of energy, which lifts the whole thing up. If we continue to get the kind of support and positive feedback we are getting, these small events will undoubtedly grow into something huge and amazing.

This young actress, Sara, blew our minds with her all-natural tears and incredible intensity. Check out our Youtube channel for more.
If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who cares about acting, casting, and this industry as much as we do. We’d love to hear from you.

Please get in touch, or come for the event. We want to expand this event series, and do even more such projects to bring more and more opportunities to performing artists around the country. Would you like to host one of these in your city/area, for example? Or do you know any other artists who might benefit from a sort-of-but-not-really open mic platform like this? Or — maybe you just have an idea for how this whole thing can be a lot better. Please write to us, or connect via the comment section here, or on Facebook.

I’m very excited for this Friday. It’s quite amazing to see an idea become real, and it’s always been our core mission to be useful to our users at Castiko.

If you’re free and looking for some entertainment, please come! The show is at 8pm at Harkat Studios. The Facebook event is here, and you can book your seat here.

Thanks for reading, and do please leave a like, share this with your friends, like our Facebook page, support human rights, eat healthy food, get a gym membership, call your mom once in a while, keep calm and carry on!

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