CASTO and its ultra low latency

Cathy Shin
Jan 24, 2019 · 2 min read

They say show, don’t tell. And that’s what we did

Ultra-low latency. What does this exactly mean?

This is probably one of the first CASTO jargon I learned since I joined the team. At first, I had no idea that there are lags when I’m watching live videos on Instagram or other platforms. It didn’t really click to me, until our tech guys showed it to me, live streaming on different apps, while we were all in the same room. It’s normal as we are always on either broadcasting side, or the viewing side, not both.

So we made a video so people can see it with their own eyes, when we say we are the only one delivering live videos in real-time. Again, this video features me.

Set up explanation :

  1. Broadcasting computer : We connected a webcam to this computer for broadcasting. The webcam was sending its image to Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and CASTO as live broadcasting.
  2. Recording computer : This computer had 4 chrome windows, watching live stream on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and CASTO respectively. We recorded the screen of the computer and that’s what you are watching right now.
  3. Instagram : Originally, we included Instagram to this experiment. Instagram was the first medium for me to interact with live videos, so I highly suggested that we should include Instagram. However, Instagram doesn’t support live feature from the web version (yet). We used an iphone for live broadcasting and another iphone for viewing the live stream. We connected the audience phone to the recording computer and recorded the screen of a quicktime player, connected to the phone. However, since Instagram was filmed by a different device (webcam vs. iPhone), it clearly showed the different color problems and angles. So we decided to remove Instagram from our experiment.

If you want to see the raw video (and bloopers), send us an email at!

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