Adia: Revolutionising Women’s Reproductive Health

Adia are on a mission to empower women to understand their own fertility and plan for pregnancy

Having worked with Adia through the Green Light Programme, the team here at Capital Enterprise were keen to catch up with them about what they have been up to since the programme and what the future holds.

Adia was born out of founder Lina’s personal experiences of fertility and pregnancy struggles. She saw directly how reactive the current care pathways that exist for women are and how often the impact of fertility struggles on emotional health are overlooked. Lina was determined to build a better solution and so, the idea of Adia was conceived.

Lina applied to join Zinc, a social innovation programme, with a mission to transform women’s emotional health through building new social businesses. Lina met her co-founder Rose on the programme and they embarked on building the company, along with the third co-founder Tyler. Rose reflects that “as a woman in my 20s I realised how ill-equipped I was to navigate my own reproductive health, I want to be able to understand my fertility and plan ahead.”

Adia is a platform that empowers women to understand their own fertility and plan for pregnancy. They provide at-home fertility blood tests, a preconception plan and access to experts.

At the time of registering with Capital Enterprise’s Green Light Programme back in May 2018, Adia were seeking pre-seed funding. They had successfully developed a beta product but needed investment to build the product in order for the brand to grow and scale.

The Green Light Programme helped Adia ensure that they were investment ready. The programme provided support in all aspects of fundraising, from guidance with pitching to providing connections to potential investors. Lina, Founder of Adia, describes their time on the programme as “invaluable”, as “we got access to great mentors who helped us shape our story, product and ultimately helped us raise our pre-seed round”.

Subsequently, Adia were able to secure pre-seed funding from top investors like Seedcamp and the London Co-Investment Fund, which is managed by Capital Enterprise and Funding London. Lina describes some of the benefits of being a portfolio company of the London Co-Investment Fund as “we have continuous access to mentors and opportunities to showcase our products to a broader audience”. This pre-seed funding, mentorship and the showcase opportunities have helped to scale the Adia brand, develop their product, and have played a key role in Adia’s business growth.

Since their time on the programme, Adia has continued to develop, grow and reach new successes. This includes taking part in a trade mission to China as organised by the London Co-Investment Fund. Lina details that the trade mission “really helped bring awareness to our company”, with the platform gaining interest particularly from the Ningbo Haishu to localise Adia in their district. Further success include hiring a full time CTO to join their team, as well as working with branding and marketing specialists in order to see growth in the business. This can most definitely be seen, as last month Adia saw their month on month user base growth reached 250%, which is a great success.

Adia continue to see growth including receiving grant funding which has led to working with researchers from Imperial College London and University College London to conduct further research. As part of this research, Adia have received the opportunity to trial their intervention at St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial.

In the coming months Adia hope to continue expansion, both within the UK and further afield, particularly the United States.

The team here at Capital Enterprise wish Lina, Rose and the team at Adia all the best, and we are looking forward to seeing the progression of Adia.

Special thank you to Rose Acton, Co-Founder of Adia, and Lina Chan, CEO and Founder of Adia