Kimberly Carbajo
Feb 25, 2016 · 3 min read

Artist Statement

The internet has become, especially for my generation, such an inherent fixture in the way we communicate and receive information; it is an endless stream of knowledge and yet for many it’s inner workings remain an intangible mystery. How does the internet work? where does it live? who lives there? and what is it for? were the questions to be dealt with at the beginning of this project and I knew I wanted to create something physical that would represent the visual metaphor for what I believe the internet is. Throughout our class discussions the idea of meshing biology and technology have made me think about my own existence. It’s no longer far-fetched to assume that human life and technology will one day permanently converge, it’s even arguable that its already happened. In reading David Weinberger’s online text “Small Pieces Loosely Joined” an online theory of the internet, one distinct passage stuck out to me in his preface:

“ And, most important, the Web is binding not just pages but us human beings in new ways. We are the true “small pieces” of the Web, and we are loosely joining ourselves in ways that we’re still inventing.” (Weinberger, Preface)

This piece set off a light bulb in my head, it encapsulates the essence of what the internet is, a collection of loosely joined individuals that form one super-brain. For my project however, I wanted to take this idea a step further and visually personify the internet as this super human composed from all the individuals on the internet.

Some of the physical characteristics I included to achieve this visual metaphor are listed below:


· Using a Styrofoam bust and covering it with the top visited sites for news, entertainment etc.

· Placing these paper sites near the physical locations to corresponding senses ex: Yelp over the mouth, Spotify & Pandora near the ears, Wikipedia behind the brain.

· Covering the bust / paper mache clippings with a peachy skin-like color to symbolize how connected we are to the internet.

· Google chrome as the all-seeing eyes , symbolizing Google’s internet dominance.


· The top of the head is painted to resemble the earth / depict the global scale of the internet and it’s connections.

· The wires connecting the head to the neck symbolize the human peripheral nervous system (PNS) the nerves that connect the brain to the spinal cord, and in a figurative sense connect the internet and it’s innards to the world.


· Inside skull features inspirational quote from David Weinberger

· Multicolored pins symbolize being “loosely joined”

· Faces of all the individuals who comprise the internet

· Batteries to symbolize the fuel source that keeps the internet going.

“Hello From The Other Side” written & in Binary

At its core I believe that humans are intrinsic to the creation and future of the internet, just as the internet along with technology hold the potential to become indistinguishable from us.

To view the complete gallery for this project visit HERE

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Kimberly Carbajo

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German & Communication / Digital studies Major #UMW2017

Cat & MoUsE

A digital studies blog

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