Cat Respect
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Cat Respect

The Last Christmas with Yellow

Yellow in 2015

The silent killer: polycystic kidney disease

Little One, Black and Yellow are now all on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Brother and sisters reunited and forever playing as only cats do

3 stray cats that have crossed the rainbow bridge

Yellow sleeping on my table top studio during a shooting session in July 2016

A veterinary nurse and a country hospital

Yellow in a Cinemagraph for one article I wrote and photographed for Manfrotto in 2017
Yellow on her first day with us, on September 9, 2015

This is the end, my dear friend…



This is just another space about cats, for cat lovers. Created with Respect. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Jose Antunes

I am a writer and photographer based on the West coast of continental Europe, a place to see the Sun die on the Sea, every day.