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Schlepping Through The Worst-Case Scenarios

Some of the supplies we have collected that could be useful on a variety of schleps, but particularly handy to have ready for an emergency: pepper spray, emergency sedatives (for the cat, from the vet), hand sanitizer, pill-dropper, eye-dropper, cat-shaped shanking keychain, bandages, calming pheromone wipes, training clicker, rabies license & microchip tags, Swiss army knife, passports (human + cat)
  • Post a highly visible sign in a window to let rescue workers know how many pets were left behind.
  • The date you left on front door with chalk, paint or marker.
  • Leave plenty of water in a large, open container that cannot be tipped over.
  • Leave plenty of food in timed feeders (check local pet supply stores). These will prevent your pet from overeating.
  • Do not tie or cage your pet! The chances for survival are greater if he/she can escape easily.
If my can handle Trafalgar Square, after being taken on five trains, an overnight ferry, and rush hour on the Tube to get there, we’re doing okay. If we ever face a real emergency, we stand a better chance now than say four years ago, when she would panic if I tried to take her outside whatsoever. We’ve come a long way, Kitty.



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