How cities and partners are innovating in Big Data

“Smart City” technologies have captured the global imagination, promising the ability to make data-driven decisions that optimize increasingly scarce resources. They allow city leaders to operate on the core principles of resilience, and to share, integrate, and visualize data in a way that leads to better governance and provides multiple benefits to multiple communities.

The private sector is rapidly developing new ways to capture, analyze, and apply a growing wealth of data, but there is still room to innovate in how those technologies are tailored to the disparate needs of global cities seeking to build resilience, who encompass the full spectrum of digital capacity.

Almost all of our cities see becoming “Smart” as a key part of their path toward resilience, and therefore are seeking to better harness the potential offered by big data management. Cities with extensive digital capacity, such as Rotterdam, are looking for even more advanced and creative solutions that further build resilience and allow them to transform into a truly smart city. Other cities in our network are still working to build a digital infrastructure foundation in order help guide public and private sector activity. Understanding a city’s place on this spectrum is key to creating effective interventions that can support integrated data-driven decision-making.

The twenty city strategies published to date reflect global demand for big data management:

  • Data Improvement and Standardization: 11 cities, 27 initiatives.
  • Open Data Sourcing: 11 cities, 18 initiatives.
  • Secure Access to Potable Water: 6 cities, total 11 Initiatives.

Demands for big data management options from our cities include:

  • Digital community communication platforms.
    Byblos; Da Nang; Glasgow; Medellin; Mexico City; Semarang; Greater Christchurch, New Zealand; San Francisco; Vejle
  • Increased quality and capacity of city information systems.
    Berkeley; Byblos; Medellin; New York; Semarang
  • Improved public information on city permitting processes.
    San Francisco; Semarang; New Orleans
  • Improved use of quantitative and qualitative metrics to promote transparent and equitable outcomes.
    New York; Oakland

Resilience R&D: Innovative Solutions for Big Data Management

Digital Infrastructure Fundamentals | Byblos & ESRI

The city of Byblos, Lebanon is working with Platform Partner ESRI to build out its digital infrastructure. This is a crucial moment in Byblos’ evolution — the city’s numerous natural, cultural, and economic assets are under significant strain from congestion, severe weather, haphazard development, and regional instability. Byblos hopes that improving its data collection and mapping capabilities will allow it to address these issues holistically and avoid the type of siloed efforts that have hindered development in the past.

Cyber Resilience | Rotterdam & Microsoft

The city of Rotterdam is working with 100RC partner Microsoft to transform its cyber-security efforts into true cyber-resilience. Rotterdam, along with many 100RC cities are looking beyond common cyber security efforts that reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, to ones that enable a more seamless recovery of data networks and continuation of city operations after an attack occurs.



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