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The Vibe — 7/18/2022

She’s a 10 but…

No buts. She was just a 10. Seven times she was a 10 that year.

Today, but not today

“I didn’t tell my mum. I thought she’d have a heart attack. I told my brother Adrian, who was my best friend and still is. I took him and my sister-in-law close to the Hungarian border with me. Then me and the six other gymnasts walked over the border into Hungary and from there to Austria. I went to the United States embassy and they provided me with a flight to New York.”

But 13 years earlier, on July 18, 1976, a girl whose name means “hope” did something many believed was impossible.

Nadia Comaneci was born in 1961 and raised under the Communist regime that controlled her native Romania. During the summer games in 1976, she scored the first perfect 10 in the history of Olympic gymnastics. She pulled it off on the uneven bars and would go on to snatch 6 more 10s during the games.

Fun fact, there was some initial confusion when her perfect score was posted. The machines only had room for a single digit before the decimal points, but “huh” turned to “hell yeah” when folks quickly realized the “1.00” they were looking at simply had the decimal in the wrong place.

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