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The Vibe — August 1, 2022

Video Killed the Radio Star & Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia

Aren’t podcasts just the new radio

Today, but not today

Before The Challenge, Real World, or Jackass. Before YouTube, Vimeo, or really even widespread use of the internet, Music Television showed us videos.

41 years ago today, MTV launched. In the beginning, MTV simply played music videos. Introducing “veejays” and following a similar programming scheme as radio, MTV looked to share music through the visual medium, hence the name.

In the late 1980’s, MTV began airing non-music-related programming and basically invented reality television in the 90's. Growth included more shows, award shows, and a shift away from music videos all together.

Preach, Ye!

Today, the flagship station continues with traditional television (using the term traditional pretty loosely here), but you can catch music videos 24/7 like the good ole days on MTV Classic.

The first video played on MTV was The Buggles’ version of the aptly-titled song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”.

Stuff happening now-ish

🐶 Japan introduces fans for dogs and cats to help with warm weather.

👨‍🔬 Breaking Bad is honored with a statue (not made of crystal meth).

⛳ As proven by Phil Mickelson’s latest honor, highest paid no longer translates to best in golf.

⚖️️ Unsealed court documents reignite the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp saga.

📝 Paper shortage is apparently standing between us and Britney’s latest tell-all.

🍻10 most popular beers in America; according to these people.

Soundtrack for Life

“Every silver lining’s got a, touch of grey”

Happy Birthday



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