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The Vibe — August 23, 2023

Nobody likes to see how the sausage is made

Today, but Not Today

If you watch television or frequent the interwebs or were alive over the last month, you saw ads for the Game of Thrones prequel series on HBO, House of the Dragon.

Our fascination with violoent-ish shows about succession, monarchies, scandal, etc. is nothing new, and it’s often not too far from reality.

Take the Roman Empire. For all the sayings about and praise heaped on the Roman Empire, it was achieved through years of murder, war, betrayel, incest, and scandal.

E.g. to become the first Emperor of Rome, Octavian (adopted son of Julius Caesar) had to go to war and kill a lot of people, and the final two main executions occurred on August 23, 30BC.

After taking control of Egypt and chasing down Mark Antony and Cleopatra (both of whom eventually committed suicide), Octavian killed the pair’s son/heir, Antyllus, along with the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Caesarion.

From there, Octavian marched to Rome, politicked for three years, and eventually took the name, Caesar Augustus as the first Emperor of Rome.

Stuff Happening Now-ish

🐐 Tom Brady returns to practice amid rumors of rumors.

🔭 Galileo manuscript in Michigan library turns out to be fake.

🔥 Uber driver helps people in burning building.

🎙 YouTube podcasts might give Apple and Spotify a run.

⛳️ Tiger and Rory partner on exclusive series for Tour loyalists.

Song for Today

Happy Birthday

🧞 Barbara Eden

🏀 Kobe Bryant

🕺 Gene Kelly

🎬 Shelley Long

Don’t Forget Today Is

National Cuban Sandwich Day



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