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The Vibe — August 24, 2022

“Windows 95: The Most Important Operating System of All Time”

It’s the Chinese Year of the Pig, Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” is the №1 song in the United States where Bill Clinton is President, and the internet was nascent and not yet in everyone’s pocket.

Also, 27-years ago on August 24, 1995, Microsoft launched Windows 95.

“Hey Siri, define cringe”

While Apple tried to defend its turf, Microsoft’s focus on the masses instead of the computer classes made Windows 95 more appealing and accessible to new users.

Popular bumper sticker by Mac loyalists

Because of things like the graphical user interface, customizable desktop, search bar, etc., Windows 95 was arguably “The Most Important Operating System of All Time”.

Stuff Happening Now-ish

🪐 Dear, NASA. What does a black hole sound like?

🏝 First NEW major theme park in year just opened. In Iowa?

⚖️ Fetty Wap facing years in prison for drug smuggling conspiracy.

💰 Indian billionaire buys TV station “to pave the path of new age media across platforms”.

⛳️ Billy Andrade takes home golf’s highest honor named after Payne Stewart.

Song for Today

Happy Birthday

🤣 Dave Chappelle

🎬 Marlee Matlin

🧙‍♂️ Rupert Grint

💰 Carlo Gambino

Don’t Forget Today Is

National Waffle Day



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