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The Vibe — August 3, 2022

Bob is back. The Race is on. Hide yo’ crypto.

Today, but not today

It’s August, and many around the country are gearing up for college football season. Professional sports are the pinnacle of skill, but nothing beats a good ole college rivalry.

The Game is the annual football showdown between Harvard and Yale. The two aren’t national athletic powerhouses like the days of yore, but this rivalry arguably runs hotter and deeper than any other. However, before there was The Game, 23 years earlier in 1853, the two schools competed in the first intercollegiate competition in the United States at The Race.

Simply put, The Race is an annual, head-to-head crew regatta between teams from Harvard and Yale.

With the exception of a couple gaps very early on and then breaks for World Wars I and II and then again for the Covid-19 pandemic, The Race has been an annual competition held on the Thames River in New London, Connecticut.

Here are five more fun facts about The Race:

  1. The first Race occurred on August 3, 1852 on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Yale raced two boats, the Undine and Shawmut, and they both lost to Harvard’s Oneida.
  2. Initially, the winning team was awarded a pair of black walnut, silver-inscribed trophy oars. Today, the heavyweight division competes for the Sexton Cup (which is actually a trophy made from two other trophies).
  3. Harvard has won 95 races to Yale’s 59, with Harvard also owning the longest winning streak at 18 (1963–1980).
  4. Yale holds the record for fastest time upstream while Harvard holds the fastest downstream time.
  5. A regular regatta (Olympic, collegiate, international, etc.) is 2 kilometers or roughly 1.25 miles. The Race is a 4-mile monster.

Stuff happening now-ish

💇‍♀️ The blonde bob is back.

🎥 Warner Bros. eats $70 million and shelves Batgirl “for the sake of the brand’s future”

🚞 See 5 National Parks in 2 weeks out west by train. Here’s how.

🎙 RIP Vin Scully

💰 Solana is latest target in they crypto-klepto craze. So far, $8 million gone.

⛳️ Muirfield hosts the AIG Women’s Open to wrap-up the professional, major season.

Soundtrack for Life

Happy Birthday

And don’t forget, today is…

National Watermelon Day



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