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The Vibe — August 4, 2022

Lord Byron and Tiger Woods.

Allegedly NOT named after the golfer, but some other Lord Byron

Today, but not today

You don’t have to be a golfer or even know about the sport to recognize Tiger Woods. His name is synonymous with all things excellent and super human in golf, and he holds copious records.

As a teenager, Tiger won six consecutive USGA Championships (1991, ’92, ’93 U.S. Junior Amateur & ’97, ’98, ’99 U.S. Amateur).

As a professional, Tiger made the cut (I.E. he played well enough on Thursday and Friday to get to play the weekend) in 142 consecutive tournaments, and at one point between 2006–2007, Tiger won seven consecutive PGA Tour starts (events he decided to enter as opposed to just seven straight on the calendar).

Stare at this too long and you’ll get hypnotized

While his USGA and cuts-made streaks aren’t likely to be threatened anytime soon, Tiger’s PGA Tour winning streak of 7 isn’t close to the actual record held by Byron Nelson, and Byron’s streak is unlikely to be sniffed anytime soon as well.

On August 4, 1945, Byron Nelson won the Canadian Open capping a run of 11 consecutive tournaments which Lord Byron (nickname, not actual British anything, they guy was from Texas) came out victorious. He’d go on to win a total of 18 tournaments that year earning $63,333.66, and “Some of that was paid in war bonds.”

For naysayers claiming Lord Byron was playing weakened fields due to some players in World War II, consider this: Not only were Ben Hogan and Sam Snead in many of these events, Byron also carded a season scoring average of 68.3. It took another 55 years and a guy named Tiger to break that scoring record when Eldrick averaged 68.17 in 2000.

As Mr. Nelson put it, “I think that 68.3 speaks for itself”.

Stuff happening now-ish

💒 Oops! The Church says Britney’s IG wedding claim is not accurate.

🎶 Winamp returns and millennials have flashbacks.

🔭 James Webb telescope uncovers new stars around the Cartwheel Galaxy.

🥧 Stifler’s Mom, Jennifer Coolidge, claims her iconic role got her laid over 200 times.

🦇 More Batgirl fallout. Apparently, nobody told the team they were being “shelved”.

⚖️ Phil Mickelson and the rest of The LIV Eleven fight for the right to partake in the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

Song for Today

Happy Birthday

Don’t Forget Today is…

National Coast Guard Day: “On Aug. 4, 1790, President George Washington signed legislation establishing a maritime force simply called ‘the cutters’ or ‘the system of cutters.’ Thus was born the United States Revenue Cutter Service, known today as the U.S. Coast Guard.”



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