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The Vibe — August 5, 2022

Houdini’s “last” trick, and poop might help cure diabetes.


After 91 minutes, Harry signaled to be let out.

FACT: Harry never skipped leg day

Hungarian-born Harry Houdini spent a career baffling audiences and even fellow magicians with his escapes. There wasn’t a straightjacket that could hold him nor handcuffs that could shackle him.

Hate is a strong word, but Harry hated seeing magicians claim spiritual or psychic powers allow them to complete their wondrous feats. He loved exposing anyone who cheapened his genuine skill.

Rahman Bey was an Egyptian magician who stayed underwater inside a coffin for over an hour in 1926. Bey was known to claim supernatural powers aided his magic. When he challenged Houdini to complete the challenge, Harry happily obliged.

For weeks, Houdini worked on taking shallow breaths and learning to conserve his oxygen. After a couple of test runs, Harry completed the feat at the Shelton Hotel in New York on August 5, 1926.

Aside from a repeat performance a few weeks later in Worcester, Mass, the escape in the Shelton hotel is considered the last stunt Houdini ever performed.


🚀 NASA begins a return to the moon with Artemis I slated for launch, soon.

🐐 It’s all hooves on deck as San Diego enlists goats to help with wildfires.

🌮 Klondike plays games with our tastebuds. Chaco Taco NOT dead?

💩 E. coli from your poop might help fight diabetes. Srsly.

🚙 Nissan ends production of the Maxima…for now.


“Will We Talk” — Sam Fender:



International Beer Day



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