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The Vibe — August 8, 2022

Two names, one Cup & Happy International Cat Day

Dwight Davis with “The Cup”

Today, but not today

There had been chatter of an international tennis competition between the best from the United States and the British Isles for years. Similar matches were already occurring amongst European nations, and while there’s doubt as to the inception of the idea, there’s no disputing the first Davis Cup was played on August 8, 1900.

I’ll stop the fact-checkers right now and correct myself. The first matches were called the International Lawn Tennis Challenge between teams from the United States and the British Isles, but they eventually took on the name Davis Cup.

Dwight Davis was an American tennis player and politician. Well before he was Secretary of War or Governor-General of the Philippines, Davis was a formidable tennis player. He was in the group of four Harvard tennis players who set up and competed in the first Cup.

Davis played on the victorious 1900 and 1902 teams while captaining the 1900 team in the first International Lawn Tennis Challenge.

Once the match was set, the Captain gave Shreve, Crump & Low $1,000 from his own pocket (I’m sure he wrote a check or something) to create a trophy for the affair. They turned to the William B. Durgin Company, and the craftsman, Rowland Rhodes, produced the Cup.

Shortly thereafter, the International Lawn Tennis Challenge that began today, but 122 years ago, became the Davis Cup.

Isn’t she lovely

Stuff Happening Now-ish

🛕 Temple from peak-Sun-cult era (like 4500 years ago) uncovered near Cairo.

💦 Sex is good for you. Don’t trust me. It’s science.

📱 AHHHHH. More iPhone colors.

⛳️ Sir Nick Faldo walks away from the TV tower, and golf gives him a farewell worthy of a knight.

👣 12,000 years ago, people walked in what’s now Utah. We just saw their footprints.

🔨 Tragedy strikes Highland Games as non-spectator is killed in freak accident.

Song for Today

FACT: Song is not titled Teenage Wasteland

Happy Birthday

Don’t Forget Today Is

International Cat Day

There’s an International Cat Day?



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