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The Vibe — August 9, 2022

The President Resigns

Watergate Complex in Washington D.C.

Today, but Not Today

“Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” was today, August 9, but the year was 1974.

Richard Milhous Nixon was elbow deep in the Watergate scandal. Congress was about to impeach (before impeaching was cool) and remove the President from office. Instead, after 2 years of investigations, news articles, and Congressional hearings, Tricky Dick announced his resignation in a televised address on August 8, 1974 at 9:00PM from the Oval Office.

He’s still the only President to ever resign from office.

Since Nixon’s departure, “Watergate” has become synonymous with nefarious events, and now even the mildest of scandals could become a “gate”

Here’s a list of “-gate” scandals and controversies including Doritogate, Deflategate, and Nipplegate.

Stuff Happening Now-ish

🐢 Georgia continues record-setting trend as more endangered turtle nests are counted.

🛥 Brooks Koepka doesn’t seem to miss the playoffs while dancing on a yacht after missing the Playoffs.

🌎 Apparently this is normal, but the Earth has been slowing down?

💻 Is Apple about to change everything (again) with their new chips?

🥣 General Mills is resurrecting 4 classic cereals.

🌚 The year’s final supermoon, Sturgeon Moon, is coming August 11.

Happy Birthday

Song for Today

Everything that shine, ain’t always gonna be gold

Don’t Forget Today Is

National Book Lovers Day



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