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The Vibe — September 1, 2022

USA Finally has a Chess Champion

Thanks to the Netflix breakout series, Queen’s Gambit, chess has been back in the mainstream since 2020.

However, half-a-century ago, USA went through a similar chess craze thanks to Bobby Fischer.

Folks of a certain generation may only know Bobby Fischer as a name in an SNL skit, but Fischer was much more.

From his penchant for physical fitness to some quirky demands on playing conditions, Bobby was a chess-influencer before influencing was a thing.

The Fischer legend took off when Bobby won hist first US Championship at 14 years old. In 1964 he won the US Championship with an 11–0 score (still the only perfect score in the history of the tournament), and on September 1, 1971, Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland to become the world’s first player from the United States to win the World Chess Championship.

Stuff Happening Now-ish

⛳️ Steph Curry freestyles at golf tournament.

🚀 What’s taking so long to get Artemis off the ground?

🎾 Serena marches on as she topples #2 seed at U.S. Open.

🏈 Rumor has it, there’s trouble in paradise for Tom and Giselle.

🥗 LA-based nonprofit reroutes wasted food to those in need.

Song for Today

Still hits

Happy Birthday

💃🏼 Gloria Estefan

🎶 Johann Pachelbel

🥊 Rocky Marciano

Don’t Forget, Today Is

World Letter Writing Day



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