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The Vibe — September, 2022

LIV Golf’s New England Swing

Normally, the Vibe likes to look at something that happened on this day from history before we poke around with things happening today.

Well, most days The Vibe doesn’t have a front-row seat to one of the biggest sports stories in history.

For the uninitiated, LIV Golf is a professional, competitive golf league that features 54-hole tournaments, shotgun starts, a lighter atmosphere, and boat loads of money.

The PGA Tour and some of its partners have naturally thrown up defenses and thrown down a few gauntlets to stem the tide of players flowing from golf’s flagship Tour to another more-lucrative opportunity.

However, the more the world spins and the LIV boys tee it up, the more we’re seeing that it’s a big planet, plenty of golf courses, plenty of golfers, and lord knows plenty of fans.

So, we’re heading to Bolton, Massachusetts and The International to see some incredible golf and put out The Vibe.

Stay tuned.



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