Bird Perches Nearby


A.H. Mehr
Catharsis Chronicles
1 min readJun 16, 2024


A sunflower up close
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Eventless evening…
chunks of feathers strewn across —
lashing briny winds!

Voices in my head clamor for attention when I too am clamoring for their attention. I try to quieten them; they try to abandon me — both of us fail. I reflect on, while moonlit trails trail off to nowhere, and reflections shatter. There’s this feeling of swords piercing through and through my ribcages. I breathe in and breathe out with the discomfort. Hours pass in this commotion, leading to a silence that builds blocks between me and the voices. I feel comforted, not having to joust with my thoughts anymore.

Vibrant, cheery dawn:
ghostlike yesterday missing,
bird perches nearby!

“If I’m waking up from my deep slumber, as though nothing happened a few hours ago, then that must be the truth,” I mutter as I go about the day’s happenings. Perhaps… perhaps… prepping my subliminal self to embrace just another day’s worth of prized passing joy.

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With thanks to Edward Swafford and Chrysa Stergiou for publishing my poem.



A.H. Mehr
Catharsis Chronicles

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