Living and Winning Through Listlessness

Free Verse

A.H. Mehr
Catharsis Chronicles
2 min readJun 11, 2024


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Sporadic rushes of cool air lift your spirits
but you collapse like a stack of bricks,
the very next minute.

The impact is quick, like roots-like flashes
of lightning in the sky without sound —
you won’t even know they’ve come and gone.

Some moments, phases, dusks,
night-time, mornings take turns to turn up —
this is a sequence.

You often wonder why you
can’t be like them —
just what you’re supposed to be.
Why you don’t pay heed to your
inner voices to be brave.
Why you can’t avoid indolence?
Some days, you can’t.

While you know this is a sequence —
a new morning will appear,
still, some days feel like endless days
for you, and you surrender…

Moonshine doesn’t appeal nor does the sunlight —
though you feel somewhat better during sunup,
you are also



A.H. Mehr
Catharsis Chronicles

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