No Escape

Catharsis Chronicles Competition : Trauma

Colleen Millsteed
Catharsis Chronicles
2 min readJun 7, 2024


A woman looking into a mirror and seeing the blank face of trauma staring back at her.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

My heart flutters quickly in my chest,
Desperate to escape its cage,
Blood pounding through my veins,
Roaring with insanity and rage.

My breath quickens into a pant,
My fists scrunched tight,
My temples pound a rhythmic beat,
The adrenaline spikes into flight.

Sweat breaks upon my brow,
Tears pool behind my eyes,
My mind races — reliving the past,
My lungs scream with panicky cries.

I cower into a curled up ball,
Attempting to hide from the pain,
The breeze whispers into my ears,
Reminding me I cannot escape again.

The years disintegrate in seconds,
And I’m encased in the same nightmare,
Time stands still, frozen in space,
As the horror wraps me in its snare.

My muscles spasm in memory,
My hair stands on end,
My fear grips me in its talons,
Willing me to bend.



Colleen Millsteed
Catharsis Chronicles

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